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  • What’s the difference  between  3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis in milled processing?

    What’s the difference between 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis in milled processing?

    QY Precision can do CNC Milling Processing. Milled Parts. QY Precision has dozens of CNC machines to do process. We can process various high-precision parts and special-shaped parts. We are equipped with 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machines which can meet your different process requirement on parts...
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  • The influence of mold on the quality of die casting part

    The influence of mold on the quality of die casting part

    The influence of mold on the quality of die casting part The mold is the main tool for die castings. Therefore, when designing the mold, we should try our best to make the overall structure of the mold and the structure of the mold parts reasonable, easy to manufacture, easy to use, safe and reli...
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  • Basic knowledge of metal heat treatment

    QY Precision can complete the whole CNC Process Procedure, including Heat treatment . Metal heat treatment is a process in which a metal workpiece is heated to an appropriate temperature in a certain medium, and after it is kept at this temperature for a certain period of time, it is cooled at di...
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  • About Mold Precision Work Technology of Zinc Alloy Die Casting

    Manufacturing Process: Die Casting. To save much cost for massive production, high and stable quality. QY Precision is experienced in all kinds of parts’ manufacturing, Welcome send inquiry. As an important process equipment, mold occupies an important position in industrial industries such as co...
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  • The quality of the die casting mold is very important

    The quality of die-casting mold includes the following aspects: (1) The quality of aluminum alloy die-casting parts: the dimensional stability and conformity of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, the smoothness of the surface of the casting parts, the utilization rate of aluminum alloy, etc.; (2) ...
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  • The Principle of Die casting,the Material of the Mold

    The principle of die casting  The principle of the cold die casting is to use high pressure to press molten metal into the cavity of a precision mold at a high speed. In cold die casting, the molten metal is poured into the press chamber by a manual chamber or an automatic pouring device, and the...
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  • Automatic dedicated CNC Lathe Processing

    QY Precision can make CNC Turned Parts The combined CNC Lathe Machine is a semi-automatic or automatic special CNC lathe machine based on general components, equipped with special components and fixtures designed according to the specific shape of the workpiece and processing technology. It gener...
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    CNC milling machine processing products usually have the following advantages: 1. Flexible processing, strong versatility. The biggest feature of the CNC milling machine is high flexibility, that is, flexible, universal, can process different shapes of work. In CNC milling machine, it can complet...
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  • What kind of precision parts can be manufactured by CNC machining?

    CNC machining is a very convenient and effective manufacturing technology. It uses computer numerical control (CNC) technology to control machines and tools that process various materials and objects. Almost all processing materials can be used on CNC machine tools. It really depends on the appli...
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  • Features of CNC machining

    1. Have a high degree of automation The CNC machining machine tool has a better degree of automation, so it can significantly reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The CNC machining process is completed in accordance with the input code program. The operator only needs to install tools, dis...
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  • About CNC machining

    CNC machining can greatly reduce the number of tooling, and processing complex-shaped parts does not require complicated tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for the development and modification of ne...
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  • Significant differences between CNC turning and CNC milling

    Milling and turning are daily operations in CNC machining workshops. Both technologies use cutting tools to remove material from solid blocks to make 3D parts. Material removal is a method of classifying them as a subtractive manufacturing process, but there are key differences in these operation...
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