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Aerospace Application

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Aerospace Application

Like the cars, planes include a large amount of metal parts that require high precision and good properties. Precision manufacture plays a vital role in the aerospace industry, which has loads of high production standards for aerospace parts and more stringent safety controls.
An aircraft comes with millions of components. Therefore, there are many manufacturing processes involved in their production. These processes range from metal stamping and castings, to advanced manufacturing processes like aerospace CNC machining and 3D printing.


CNC Machining in Aerospace Application


Among the solutions, CNC machining is mostly used for making aerospace parts because of its high accuracy and precision through computer process. With latest auto-machining technology and computer-assisted processing skill, CNC machining can reliably process tight tolerance and complicated parts up to ±0.001mm.
Many of the machined parts can be used in aerospace application, including:
·Landing gear components
·Turbine blades
·Power transfer shafts
·Engine housings
·Oxygen generation systems
·Filter bodies for liquid and air filtration systems
·Electrical connectors for electrical systems
·Fuselage components
·Wing ribs
·Cabin parts
And many others.

High Precision 5-Axis Machining

Aerocrafts always have the strictest standards among all the applications, as there is nearly no room for cheap cost or mistakes when it comes to the safety of flight. On the other hand, though, higher precision standard also means the higher risk of errors and failures, and manual manufacture may not be able to keep the quality, not even including the cost of failed parts.
However, such precision standard can be well-guaranteed by the latest 5-axis CNC machining. With the technology of auto-machining in multple-axis in a single process, it has become much easier to make high precision complicated parts, while keeping the effeniency and quality at the same time.


Which materials are used in Aerospace?


As is known by everyone, lower weights and higher temperature resistances are needed for most components, especially engine parts, to endure high stresses during the flight. Therefore, Aluminum is one of the most suitable materials for aerospace parts because of its great properties of resistance, light-weight, easy-machined and low raw material cost.
In some occasions, other materials are also availble for CNC machining, such as stainless steel for engine parts that require higher heat resistance, and titanium alloy for even higher strength and resistance requirement than aluminum.

Get Precision CNC Machined Parts in QY

QY Precision has tens of CNC machines, including the 5-axis mill/turns and 4-axis vertical and horizontal CNC machines. With our lineup of precision CNC equipment, we can produce machined aerospace parts in a wide range of sizes and complex shapes.

In addtion, we also have a team of experienced engineers and CNC programmers to suggest you better solution for your inquiry. If youre interested, feel free to contact us to get a free quote.

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