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With the development of society and the advancement of mechanical parts processing technology, the precision parts processing and manufacturing technology has made great progress. The emergence of smart phones, drones, industrial robots, etc., are inseparable from the hardware parts processing technology. Development of the precision parts processing industry is really fast. And many precision machinery parts processing plants are beginning to feel the pressure of industry transformation. Traditional mechanical parts processing and manufacturing technology, especially precision mechanical parts processing technology, has been difficult to meet the needs of the current machinery manufacturing industry.

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The processing and manufacturing of mechanical parts has entered people’s daily life, and people have higher and higher requirements for various precision parts processing products, and have become a part of people’s yearning for a better life. The variety, update speed, quality and after-sales service requirements of intelligent products that rely on CNC parts processing technology are becoming more and more demanding. If you want to meet customers’ picky requirements for precision parts processing products, you must use more high-quality machining technology. And precision parts processing technology, of which precision metal parts processing technology is the first to bear the brunt.

From the perspective of precision parts processing and manufacturing technology for smart products, the relevance of modern parts processing and precision parts processing involves the research and development of smart products, process design, product processing and sales. They are closely related and mutually infiltrated. During the production process, parts processing technicians must ensure that all links are accurate. If there is a problem in any CNC part processing link, it is likely to affect the application of the entire precision part processing in the product manufacturing process, thereby seriously affecting the processing level and quality of smart products.

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