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About Us

About QY Precision

QY Precision is located in Shenzhen China, nearby HongKong. It is a CNC machining service factory. Offering high quality custom machining parts, it wins high reputation in both domestic and oversea market, established wonderful and long-term cooperation with many enterprises from different industries. All the parts are manufactured in China and exported mainly to Japan/Canada/US & European markets. QY Precision specializes in design and production of high precision metal parts and components. Focus on industry and action on demand, to be your trusted partner is our mission.Fast communication, Professional technology, Excellent product quality, Reasonable Price and Wonderful after-sale service.

CNC Processing Ability

QY Precision focuses on quality and service. We have dozens of CNC machines for high precision machining parts, including 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis machines such as Brother CNC and Mazak 5-axis Brand Machines imported from Japan, Haas CNC from the United States, Feeler CNC machining center from Taiwan, Hardingge lathe from the United States, Okamoto grinder from Japan, laser engraving machine, and automatic wire drawing etc.
At the same time, we also have high precision QC equipment such as Zeiss three-dimensional machine(CMM), Tesa altimeter, two-dimensional machine and optical projectors etc. to make sure all parts 100% meet the standard and tolerances before shipping.

With our experienced professional technical team, we can provide you the best solution, along with low cost, good quality and high efficiency. Welcome to contact us and send drawings to get quick quotation.

Our International Trading Experience

With many years’ oversea trade experience, QY Precision got very important information:  it’s a big headache for many oversea clients to look for good suppliers in China. Firstly, delivery time. Orders are always postponed for a long time, Secondly, quality problem. Even if samples are in good condition, the mass production problems occurred frequently. Thirdly, communication obstacle, Many suppliers are not good at international business and do not really understand the clients’ demand and always delay the response. In order to help oversea clients to solve the problem and create more value, QY Precision devotes to Exquisite Technology, and Excellent Service.

Application of Custom Machined Parts

All the parts from QY Precision are widely used in medical, electronic gadgets, electrical appliances, furniture, building, toys, motor cycles, racing cars, machine parts, kitchenware, sport equipment, music instruments, robots, machinery and many other fields.

Material Capability

QY Precision Cooperates with domestic and foreign brand original manufacturers to optimize materials to ensure product quality and increase product life. At the same time, all materials can provide certification documents. Material available, such as aluminum alloy, steel alloy, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, Bronze, Nylon, Acrylic etc.Alu 6061/6063/7075; Iron 1215/45/1045; Stainless steel 303/304/316; Copper; Brass; Bronze(H59/H62/T2/H65); Plastic POM/PE/PSU/PA/PEK etc. as customer's request.

Surface Treatment from QY Precision

Heat Treatment, Painting, Power Coating, Black Oxide, Silver/Gold plating, Electrolytic Polishing, Nitrided, Phosphating, Nickel/Zinc/Chrome/TiCN Plated, Anodizing, Polishing, Passivation, Sandblasting, Galvanizing, Heating Treatment, Harden, Laser mark etc. as customer requested.