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Surface Finish And Its Application

For most of the metal components, surface finish plays a crucial role to improve their overall quality after manufacturing. A well-applied surface finish not only enhances the appearance of the metal parts but also improves their durability and performance. From high resistance frames to simply colored accessories, we can see those finished components everywhere in our daily life, even though the treatment process is far away from our imagination.


According to different fundamentals, surface finish has a large variety of types. Each type offers its distinct advantages and is suitable for specific applications. The commonly used types include grinding, mirror polishing, passivation, anodization, coatings, HVOF, etc.

Surface finish can be categorized into three main types: mechanical finishes, chemical treatments, and coatings.

A:  Mechanical finishes involve techniques to alter the surface texture and remove imperfections or burrs to make a smooth surface;

B:  Chemical treatments use the application of chemicals to the surface of the parts to improve specific properties, such as hardness and corrosion resistance; 

D: Coatings provide a protective layer on the metal surface, enhancing its resistance to wear, corrosion, and other forms of damage. Coatings are also able to color the parts and provide another colorful appearance.    


Surface finished parts are commonly used to in almost every section of applications. From engine components to tiny pins, most of metal parts would undergo various surface treatments to ensure both functionality and appealing aesthetics.

For example:

 Aerospace industry is one of the applications that demands high precision and customized metal parts with impeccable surface finishes. The components in the craft need to withstand extreme conditions, so surface treatments like anodizing and chemical coatings are used to enhance their durability and resistance to corrosion.

 Mechanical and Medical devices are another area where surface finish would be important. Instruments and implants require exceptional precision, cleanliness, and resistance to biological agents. Surface treatments like electro polishing and passivation can ensure that the metal parts have smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect, and exhibit high biocompatibility.

As an additional process, surface finish has always been crucial to make metal parts better appearance and quality. Through strict selection and control of different surface finish, QY Precision is confident to make sure the components meet the highest standards of quality and performance. All finished parts will be checked under strict inspection with details, and detailed inspect report will be sent to customer for check before we arrange shipment. Contact us now, kindly send us your inquiry and learn more about our metal manufacturing services. We are always ready for service and cooperation.

Post time: Jul-21-2023