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The Crucial Relationship Of Tolerance and Assembly

Among most applications, like mechanical and aerospace, components mainly serve as the part of a function machine. To make these machines and even let them work, the precision and quality of assembled components are important. Nowadays, high precision manufacturing is crucial in ensuring overall quality and functionality of a final product. 


Tolerance means permissible variation in size and dimensions of a finished part. In manufacturing, it further includes lower deviation, upper deviation, fundamental deviation, etc. To assemble at least two parts into a component unit, specific dimensions’ tolerances need to be strictly controlled during the manufacturing process. Otherwise, any deviation in the manufactured parts' dimensions can lead to issues, such as misalignment, unfitted quality, and functional failure. For metal manufacturers, making parts with tight tolerances and strict inspections are essential to make sure those mating parts can assemble as a whole unit. QY Precision has several successful experience of making assembly parts with tight tolerance requirement. Welcome to check our site and contact for free inquiry.


As technology advances, there are several methods that can make customize parts with tight tolerance, such as CNC machining, precision casting, etc. One of the most efficient among those processes is CNC machining. Using computer programming to control the operation of machining tooling, it can machine high precision parts with complex shapes, while ensuring the dimensions are within the required tolerances consistently. 

Beside the manufacturing method, the way to inspect and examine the dimensions of finished parts is also important. Normal measuring will be difficult to check exact size and check the possibility of assembling. With latest tools and devices, such as 3-D device and projector, we are able to secure higher precision result of dimensions, further making sure whether they can assemble smoothly. 


Overall, the relationship between tolerance and assembly in metal manufacturing is one of the factors that cannot be ignored. The mating parts, including customized ones, can be used in many application industries, such as aerospace, medical, automotive, where even the slightest error can have severe consequences.

With our new advanced technology, equipment, and strict quality control system, we are confident that we can meet the demands of our clients and provide them with best quality and service. Every part will be made under strict inspection with detailed quality certificate, which will send to customer for check before we arrange shipment. Contact us today, kindly send us your inquiry and learn more about our metal manufacturing services. We are always ready to help with your sincere request.

Post time: Jun-30-2023