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How QC process ensure the quality of finished parts

Quality control, known as QC, is one of the most crucial processes to ensure the parts are made to meet their requirement, including material properties, dimensions, surface finish, etc. As more precision parts are used in applications like aerospace, automotive and hardware, QC is becoming more important to inspect a part in many aspects, especially for customize components. 

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Inspecting CNC Machined Part

The inspection of quality aims at not only the finished parts, but also the entire manufacturing process. Before the manufacturing starts, incoming raw material will be checked to make sure the properties meet the requirement. During the manufacturing process, the in-process inspections will check and correct any deviation based on different steps of manufacturing process. Lastly, when the parts are finished, a final-inspection will be arranged to measure every related dimension and tolerance. The quality report will be sent to customer to tell that the finished parts are checked under strict inspection.  

As quality has always been our top priority in manufacturing, QY Precision has a complete series of latest tools and devices to measure the dimension in highest precision possible, such as height gauges, hardness testers, projectors, 3-dimensional CMM, etc. In addition, QY Precision also has a strict QC process to check and rectify any problem from the finished parts.

Some dimensions, such as hardness, flatness and verticality, are critical enough to affect the application of the part. These will be marked as critical dimension and checked under strict inspection during and after the manufacture process. We may also provide videos of checking process according to specific requirement. In case of any quality problem that may delay the lead time, reports of inspection will be sent to customers as soon as possible to discuss further issue.

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Measuring a finished part

For most applications that require strict assembly and certain properties, QC is a must to maintain the quality of the parts, even if there may be few specific requirements. QY Precision has expert teams with profound manufacturing and QC experience. With successful experience of making gears, pins and many other high precision parts, we are confident to provide our components that meet customers’ requirement perfectly. If you are interested to have customize parts manufactured, contact us with your direct inquiry. We are always here to provide you service with pleasure.

Post time: Sep-28-2023