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Why choose steel casting over other metal casting

We’ve known many casting methods to create metal parts when it is difficult to be done simply by machining, or when the project requires mass production. QY Precision has been experienced in aluminum casting, zinc casting, steel casting,etc. Should you have interest, feel free to take a look at our solutions


The methods of steel casting are mainly investment casting(lost wax casting) and sand casting. Investment casting is a process that make the components through pouring liquid metal into wax pattern molds, while sand casting is done by pouring the metal into a sand mold. Both methods of steel castings take longer time for a complete process, and both need higher cost for creating molds. However, despite such inconvinence, steel casting can still be widely used in many applications, such as auto parts, pipes, energy equipment, sauce pan, etc.

One of the important reasons for choosing steel casting is that the components usually have the great properties. For example, carbon steel and low alloy steel have high strength and good weldability, thus they can be widely used in most structural engineering applications. On the other hand, with higher resistance, steel castings can endure higher temperature and chemical corrosion in some extreme working environment, therefore they can be used as part of the cooking tools, power engines, and



Like other metal castings, steel casting has high flexibility to form any complex parts possible, as long as the mold design can be done. Due to the properties of the process,  the precision of steel casting may not be as high as that of CNC machining, but it can have tight tolerances through secondary fine machining.  

Steel casting can also be extensive when it comes to the choice of material. The range covers from low carbon steel to stainless steel, high alloy steel, precipitation hardening steel and other special steel alloys. Since different kinds of steel have different properties, it is best to consider raw material wisely before deciding to start the casting.

In conclusion, steel casting is more needed when the working place requires much better strength and resistance than even aluminum alloys and zinc alloys. Nevertheless, either of these metal material has good enough properties to be used in most metal manufacturing. QY Precision has experienced teams working on various metal casting process. What we can make covers from gears to pipes, fittings, valves, housings, impellers, handles, pans, etc. We can provide these customizing parts with lower cost, good price, strick QC service and quick lead time. If you have any part needed to be manufactured, feel free to send a quote with specific drawings.  


Post time: Nov-17-2022