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Features of CNC machining

1. Have a high degree of automation

The CNC machining machine tool has a better degree of automation, so it can significantly reduce the labor intensity of the operator. The CNC machining process is completed in accordance with the input code program. The operator only needs to install tools, disassemble parts, and replace tools. It is well known that in the process of CNC machining, it is automatically completed, and the operator more observes and supervises the operation of the machine tool;

2. It can process parts products with higher precision, and its quality is more stable

The positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy of the CNC machining machine tool are very high. As long as the process design is reasonable and the program is written reasonably, coupled with careful operation, the parts can be guaranteed to obtain a very high machining accuracy, which is conducive to the correctness of the machining process. Product quality control;

3. Higher processing and production efficiency

The CNC machining machine tool can complete the machining of multiple faces in one armor. Generally, only the first part needs to be inspected, and because the quality of the parts after CNC machining is relatively stable, it is very convenient for the later batch processing procedures. The overall efficiency will be significantly higher than conventional processing technology;

4. Conducive to the development and improvement of new products

Numerical control cnc processing generally does not require a lot of complex process equipment. Through programming, complex parts with high precision requirements can be processed. When the product needs to be modified or the design needs to be changed, only the numerical control is required. The processing program can be modified. Therefore, CNC machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a shortcut for new product development, product improvement and modification;

5. Ability to develop to a higher manufacturing system

CNC machine tools and their CNC processing technology are the basis of computer-aided manufacturing, which can be beneficial to the development of higher manufacturing systems.

6. The initial investment is relatively large

This is because the cost of CNC machining equipment is generally relatively high, the preparation cycle for the first machining is very long, and the maintenance cost is very high. The supporting R&D team, production team, and quality control team all need to be built, which is difficult for ordinary small processing workshops, but powerful equipment can often process parts and products that cannot be completed by conventional machine tools;

Post time: Mar-05-2021