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Automatic dedicated CNC Lathe Processing

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The combined CNC Lathe Machine is a semi-automatic or automatic special CNC lathe machine based on general components, equipped with special components and fixtures designed according to the specific shape of the workpiece and processing technology.

It generally adopts multi-axis, multi-tool, multi-process, multi-face or multi-station simultaneous processing, and its production efficiency is several to several tens of times higher than general CNC Turning Machine. Since common parts have been standardized and serialized, they can be flexibly configured according to needs, which can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle.

Therefore, the combined CNC Turned Processing Way has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, and it is widely used in mass and mass production. It can be used to form an automatic production line to measure the quality of a CNC Turning processing in many aspects. But the main requirements are good manufacturability, serialization, generalization, high degree of standardization, simple structure, reliable work, and high productivity.

Combined CNC lathe processing is generally used to process box-like or extraordinary shape parts. During processing, the workpiece generally does not rotate. Drilling, reaming, countersinking, reaming, boring, milling planes, cutting internal and external threads, and machining external circles are realized by the rotary motion of the tool and the relative feed motion of the tool and the workpiece and end face etc.

Some combined CNC lathe processing machine tools adopt turning head to clamp the workpiece to rotate, and the tool makes the feed movement. It can also realize the outer circle and end surface processing of some rotating parts (such as flywheel, automobile rear axle half shaft, etc.) .

Special CNC Turning Processing developed with the rise of the automobile industry. In the special CNC Turning Processing, some parts have gradually developed into general-purpose parts due to repeated use, thus the combined CNC lathe processing has been adpoted..

In order to enable the combined CNC Turning Processing to be applied in small and medium batch production, it is often necessary to apply group technology to concentrate the parts with similar structures and processes on a combined CNC Turning Machine to improve the utilization of the CNC Turning Machine rate.

Post time: Jul-05-2021