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Zhongshan CNC precision mechanical spare parts processing factory--Oil injection does not fade

by:QY Precision      2020-02-14
Most smart product companies, when developing new products, will first find a CNC precision machinery processing factory to make samples to verify whether there are any errors in the design. Many CNC machining manufacturers in Shenzhen are engaged in this kind of business, which also makes Shenzhen CNC machining level more and more exquisite. A few days ago, a customer saw our information when searching Zhongshan CNC parts processing through the Internet and contacted the company's customer service, it indicates that a product needs to be processed with a CNC part to verify it. Customers used to find Zhongshan CNC lathe processing factory to do it, but because they started to find CNC precision mechanical parts processing factory is relatively small, the price is relatively favorable, but without the guide, their fuel injection technology is not very good, it will fade, there are spots. So I thought of looking for a more powerful Shenzhen CNC machining factory on the internet. The customer did not think that we had foreign masters to guide the fuel injection. If there is a clean workshop, it is more perfect, so I decided to take a look. Zhongshan and Shenzhen are not far away. Many companies in the two places have been carrying out CNC precision machining cooperation business. After seeing the factory, the customer sent the CNC parts processing drawings to the technical department. After accurate evaluation by the engineers of the technical department, they gave a reasonable quotation and processing plan, the customer received the order and made the order. Not long after, the customer received the sample sent by Shenzhen CNC machining factory, which is good in the precision of CNC precision machining, and the color difference of the sprayed paint is small, it looks almost exactly the same as the design on the drawing. The customer is very satisfied with this and gave 32 praises. If you also want to find a Shenzhen CNC machining factory that does not fade, even if you are in Zhongshan, you can come and see.
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