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yukon builders win $30,000 in new gear

by:QY Precision      2019-09-12
Yukonstructural makerspace of Whitehorse has just won the first place in the competition held by the website instructures. comSeventy-
Five teams from around the world compete to write the most \"notes\" or short notesto guides.
The Yukon team covers everything from making mukluks to repairing car bumpers: there are more than 200 entries in total.
Since June, a major team of about 10 people has written site entries with the occasional help of external volunteers.
\"On the last day of the game, we stayed up late until midnight to make sure we were ahead,\" said Adria Collins, manager of yukonstructural program.
YuKonstruct is expected to deliver new equipment worth about $30,000.
This includes a new laser cutting machine, as well as CNC machines, 3d printing supplies and \"robotic parts \".
\"This is a great award for us because the laser cutting machine we now have is one of our most popular devices,\" Collins said . \".
Instructures is Wikipedia.
It\'s like a website where people share manufacturing knowledge.
It covers everything from weaving hair to baking to car repair.
Last year, YuKonstruct took third place and became part of the competition.
\"We are very close!
We lost two or three.
\"This year, when we play, our mission is to stand out,\" Collins said . \".
Yukonstruct space in Whitehorse is a subscription-based.
Members can enter public space using tools, computers, and work benches, or use workshops.
It has been open for two years now.
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