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your call is not important to us

by:QY Precision      2019-10-31
Precautions for telephone sales personnel: stop.
Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a movie at home, having dinner with your family or taking a well --
Your pet rock collection gets bubble bath or letters and is interrupted at 7.
At fifteen o\'clock P. M. on a phone call from a Guy in India, he wants to give you a set of gold 40 discounts --
Suitable for fences and gates and plated metal columns inserted into a certain person in India.
Or maybe not.
There is no doubt that the telemarketing industry is a well-organized, well-regulated and respected entity --
Use \"respected\" here in the strictest sense, so as not to be confused with terms such as \"deeply despised\", \"universal hatred\" or \"annoying.
Still, when the telemarketers come to the party, they don\'t tell anyone they\'re a telemarketer.
They told them it was. . .
Signature writers, astronauts, hookers, professional sand spray workersanything -
Just to keep people away from this topic.
It\'s not because they\'re cheaters, it\'s because they don\'t want to find themselves teased.
Erect each nostrils and dip a bowl of eggplant on your head. (see fig. 1)It\'s a little-
Nevertheless, it is well known that all telemarketers undergo fine brain surgery before they are allowed to make one call. Using state-of-the-
Art precision laser for nervous system
The surgeon destroys the circuit in the brain of the telemarketer responsible for understanding phrases such as \"We are not interested;
\"Don\'t call us back \";
\"Please delete us from your database.
\"In the face of an unstoppable barrage of calls, many successive victims of telemarketing retaliate by designing creative coping strategies.
The first is to say, \"Yes, Su en-
So is it here, but I just tied them to one
Framework and start applying the current.
Can you call back after 7? and-a-half minutes?
\"The other is to put the phone sales on hold and then hit them with a dead metal explosion.
The best thing to do, however, is to play you and say, \"Yes. . . Yeah . . . Uh-huh . . .
Sounds good. . . Oh really? . . . Yeah . . . Go on . . .
The \"telemarketing plague has led to a resurgence of\" screening \", and this terrible practice is that if it\'s someone you don\'t want to talk to, you\'ll have the phone go through the machine.
People used to get angry with screening, but now once you explain that it\'s all about avoiding someone in India, they understand it completely.
The way telemarketing works is this: you are conceived.
You were born about nine months later.
At that precise moment, your details are entered into a database accessible to every telemarketing company on Earth.
Then, the rest of your life is consumed by two main pursuits :(1)
Answer the annoying call of the telemarketer; (2)
Try to get your details from the telemarketing database.
Telemarketing is based on the mild assumption that everyone who has a call wants to make a call.
However, intuition suggests that the vast majority of citizens just want to live peacefully in Hell alone and do not have to explain to some people in India why they are not interested in refinancing the house they already have, or invest money they don\'t have at a time --
Sharing they will never use.
Of course, if you get a call from a telemarketer, it\'s your own stupid mistake because you didn\'t tell the telemarketer not to make a call.
You have a chance, too.
It\'s black-and-
White, just at the bottom of some form, the font can be easily read by anyone through an electron microscope: \"If you don\'t want us to tell someone in India your details, please fill in the application form in Sanskrit and use one liter of blood, cheek cell samples, body parts and your first one in five minutes --born.
\"After completing this simple procedure, you will be listed on the\" no contact \"list, which is called\" opt-out \"in direct marketing \".
This raises a prominent question: does anyone remember \"opt-in?
Can we raise our hands quickly? Anybody? Ahh.
Citizen, this is the crux of the problem.
But there\'s a solution.
As irresistible as a plate of sugar.
There is free sweet oli on the candy of the weight observer. Are you ready? Here it comes.
From today on, telephone sales people all over the world think that no one wants to make a phone call.
For whatever strange reason, if people want to hear from someone in India, they can call some telemarketing registers and put their names on the contact list.
In this way, only those who want to make a phone call will get a call so that the rest of us can enjoy dinner before the TV.
It\'s better for everyone.
Especially for the guy in India, because if he calls again, once he gets a bunch of gifts waiting for him, he can\'t take off his friggin headphones fast enough.
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