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yale student dies in chemistry lab accident

by:QY Precision      2019-09-07
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University of California, New Haven-
A federal official said a graduating Yale student died in an accident at a machine store in the chemistry lab because her hair was pulled into a device.
Michele Dufault, a senior majoring in physical and astronomy, her hair was a quick one on Tuesday night
Richard Levin, president of the University, said.
He said her body was found by other students working in the building.
\"This is a real tragedy,\" Missing wrote in a message to Yale students and faculty . \".
In a Facebook profile, Dufault\'s long brown hair falls under her shoulder.
According to the Connecticut forensic office, she died of accidental suffocation caused by neck compression.
Dufault is a senior in astronomy at MIT.
Graduated in a month.
It is reported that Michelle is an outstanding young woman, an outstanding student and young scientist, and a good friend and dynamic member of this community, yale Vice President Linda Lorimer wrote in a letter to Yale students and faculty.
\"We will find a way the next day to gather together to celebrate her life and feel sad for her loss. \"The U. S.
Ted Fitzgerald, spokesman for the Boston Occupational Safety and Health Administration, said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had started a check to investigate factors surrounding the accident and whether the laboratory met safety standards.
Yale offers counseling for students.
The lab was closed on Wednesday and classes were canceled in the building where the lab was located.
According to her LinkedIn profile, Dufault is a summer student at the Woods Hole Ocean Institute in Massachusetts. , last year.
According to Yale Daily News, Dufault is a member of Yale\'s precision marching band and a member of Saybrugian.
Michelle\'s grandfather, Robert Dugo, said Michelle often studied and liked sports.
\"She is a living saint,\" said her grandfather . \"
\"She is a good, smart girl.
An uncle said she was smart.
\"She\'s a great kid and should be celebrating.
There\'s nothing to say about her but good things, \"said Frederick Dufour of quality company Holliston.
Levin said Dufour intends to work as a Marine major after graduation and play saxophone in the Yale Band.
The Yale Department of Chemistry said on its website that it maintains a state --of-the-
Students, teachers and staff can build or modify the art machine shop for research instruments in it.
According to the website, access is limited to those who have completed the course of the store.
University President Levin said he has begun reviewing safety policies and practices in facilities where laboratories, machine shops and other undergraduate students can use electrical equipment.
Prior to the completion of the review and the presence of monitors, access will be limited to these facilities, he said.
\"The safety of our students is the most important issue,\" he said . \"
Mass at the Noble School in Dedham.
Dufault graduated in 2007, with School principal Robert Henderson Jr.
Those who know her are attracted by her personal strength, humility, humor and perseverance.
\"Michelle is an extraordinary young woman and one of the most precocious students her teacher has ever met,\" Henderson said . \".
She\'s so smart.
Her mind, her curiosity, her insight, her sensitivity, and her enjoyment of what she does are extraordinary.
She is a real intellectual.
She is also humble and doesn\'t seem to be influenced by her amazing talents and academic achievements.
\"Kang Yi of the United StatesS.
The Labor Department\'s Occupational Safety and Health Administration said the university informed his agency that Dufault was operating machines for a senior project at the time of Tuesday night\'s accident.
Yi is the assistant regional director of the OSHA office in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
OSHA spokesman Ted Fitzgerald said in Boston that the agency is reviewing the jurisdiction of the case and assessing whether an inspection will be conducted.
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