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yale disputes osha criticism in student\'s lab death

by:QY Precision      2019-10-13
AMHERST, Mass (Reuters)-
Federal security regulators say Yale\'s laboratory equipment, which killed students unexpectedly this spring, lacks some of the necessary safety features, a finding that is now controversial Tuesday.
Michele Dufault, a senior from squette, Massachusetts, was killed in April 12 at the student machine store at Sterling chemistry lab when she was working on a project and her hair was stuck with a lathe.
The Connecticut state forensic office found that the cause of the accidental death was suffocation caused by neck compression.
In a letter dated August 15, the United StatesS.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Labor Department (OSHA)
He told Yale that the lathe lacked the necessary safeguards and that the school\'s operating policies and practices were unsafe.
These missing features may include emergency shutdown
OSHA spokesman Ted Fitzgerald told Reuters that turning off the switch and protection or shielding to protect people who use the lathe.
OSHA claims that these items are essential for the safe operation of the lathe, which has a date of approximately 1962.
Officials found other safety flaws in the store, including missing warning signs and insufficient records, OSHA said.
The agency added that a person who operates a lathe violates basic safety guidelines.
But Yale says OHSA\'s assessment is \"significantly inaccurate.
\"The machine is in line with ANSI (
National Standards Association of America
\"Standards include training and personal protective equipment for certain types of machines and activities,\" Yale said in a statement Tuesday . \".
\"The machine tool training provided by Yale University is very extensive and has been continuously strengthened by professionals, and experts from Yale University have confirmed this.
Yale said: \"personal protective equipment is provided in the store and students are told not to use these machines without\" friends present. \".
The university said it was deeply saddened and upset by the accident and, following a review of its machine stores and equipment, as well as policies and practices, had begun to implement proposals aimed at strengthening safety and accident prevention.
The display will appear in stores at any time for undergraduate students, Yale says.
OSHA did not impose a fine on Yale because it lacked jurisdiction to do so in the event that students, not employees, were affected.
Dufault has a dual degree in astronomy and physics and intends to pursue a career in the ocean after graduation.
She is also a saxophone player from Yale.
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