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yadgir rail bogie factory set for opening

by:QY Precision      2019-09-10
Fulfill the promise made by the then Minister of Railways
Mallikarjuna Kharge to the most
In the backward areas, his successor, Suresh Prabhu, will unveil on August 18 the Fiat Railway Bogie Karkhana, located in the village of Badiyal and Kadechur, Yadgir district.
The cornerstone of the factory was laid on February 2014 and Tata project Co. , Ltd.
It took £ 80 to complete the construction.
Railway 92 crore Vikas niam Limited
The Karnataka government has provided the plant with 150 acres of land free of charge, and the plant can now produce up to 600 LHB frames per year.
Karkhana, under Secunderabad-
Central South railway headquarters (SCR)
Located 40 km from Raichur train station to Saidapur train station.
After the aim of the Karkhana coach is to meet the increasing demand, the Indian Railway Company will modernize the Linke Hoffman Busch for the guided fleet (LHB)
Coach, can operate up to 160 km/h.
Although different railway bus factories can produce 2,800 LHB buses per year, they can only produce 1,600 Fiat buses.
There are two Fiat cars on an LHB coach.
So two new bogie factories, one in Budge-Budge (West Bengal)
One of Yadgir was approved. Pre-
Engineering building built with pre-
Karkhana\'s shed uses engineering construction technology, is fully manufactured within the plant and is transported to the site in a fully dismantled state prior to assumption and installation.
It has state-of-the-art production methods and precision machinery.
Karkhana has taken a number of green measures, including zero emissions, water harvesting and solar energy.
The side frame is set on the fixture and fixture, and the initial welding is done manually.
The frame is then transferred to the robot welding line for full welding.
Then, the welded frame is shot and painted before feeding 5-
Axis CNC Machine center for machining.
The frame of the finished product is transported to the production unit of the overall bus factory, Perambur or Kapurtala according to the demand.
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