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xinchejian: hackerspace shanghai

by:QY Precision      2019-09-18
\"This is about connecting the real world through hacking into virtual, mysterious technologies,\" said David Lee, the foreman of the new car Health (æx96°è½¦éx97´)
The first hacker space in Shanghai.
The opening of the region has linked Shanghai to a network of hacker spaces for global hacking campaigns.
The monthly membership fee of 500 yuan allows people to get space for any technical project they dream ---
But no, they won\'t teach you how to steal credit card data.
Li started the technology.
Generator Ng-with partner Wonderland and project-
Adam brings together electronics enthusiasts, DIY enthusiasts and enthusiasts with the aim of exchanging information, building materials, essentially Ng-
Adam said he had a good time with technology. âx80x9dRicky Ng-Adam (left)and David Li (right)
Run some of the first timers dynamically through hacker space. Lee and Wu
Adam Tinke from technology.
Adam\'s wife, Min linxie, volunteers
Let the community prosper as much as possible.
The presence of this testosterone is a strange phenomenon.
In addition to her interest in technology as much as her husband did, she has pushed the environment.
They have matches made by geeks. heaven;
They spent their honeymoon in the underwater robot submarine race.
So farLi started the first informal hacker space in Shanghai, Xindanwei, but later, the Shanghai hacker space officially established contact with the global network and transferred it to the current Changning district, the new car was built there in 2010.
At a gentle 500-square-
Located in a humble building, the hacker playground is a chaotic field circuit, computer spare parts and microchips.
The cheap wrought iron shelf is leaning against the wall, with DIY food hanging on it, forming a dreamy landscape for each geek.
Energy needs only invention and innovation.
Some of the current projects include making intelligent robots using iPad technology.
This is about connecting the real world with the virtual world and uncovering the mystery of technology through hacking.
David Lee, new car builder ()æx96°è½¦éx97´)
Some would argue that the first Shanghai hacker space prison to break the expensive ipad made the robot head a cheap hobby, but Lee points out the benefits of living in the paradise of shanzhai goods.
\"You forgot that we are in China and there are a lot of iPad clones available for purchase in the local market,\" he said . \".
We modify them to fit our specifications.
Ng added: \"You\'re also surprised how many people are willing to give up electronics that they\'re not used to experimenting
Adam pointed to the donated computer.
It\'s rubbish for them.
For us, it may be the life of our next robot.
The core of the Shanghai hacker space and the global team is sharing, not just passingme-Rolling tools.
The club reflects the most prominent aspect of the tech industry.
Quality: open source.
At the grand opening ceremony of the Shanghai group, many novices and experts discussed ideas on how to build robots, create 3D printers and how to make 3D art using the Xbox 360 Kinect.
One such guest was Brad Ferguson, who showed off making the guitar from scratch and then copied it electronically with his CNC machine. Even eco-
Friendly community projects like combining technology with urban agriculture are underway here.
Brad Ferguson sang his bamboo guitar at the grand opening ceremony of the hacker space in Shanghai.
Andrew Ross says this is a mix of interesting locals and foreigners in the hacker group, who studies robots from an educational perspective.
Some Chinese members speak very little English, and some foreigners do not speak any Chinese.
However, the exchange of information is healthy.
It outlines the family core philosophy of hacker space: People from all backgrounds, but similar passions come together just to build.
In the technical field, there will be new progress every day, and hacker space seems to be the ideal way for IT professionals to update their skills. âx80x9c[
Working in such a space]
Make you more attractive to your current and potential employersAdams says.
Also, there is no reason to think that hobbies can\'t bring profitable opportunities for yourself and those around you.
\"For example,\" he continued, \"one of the companies where a lot of people work together is seedstudio. com.
It promotes production and helps arbitrary inventors monetize their ideas.
Visit from Geek God Mitch Altman
Founder Noisebridge (
Hacker Space in San Francisco)
Inventor of TV BGone (
Can turn off the remote control of any TV in the world)
Recently, he visited the new car construction, and he was deeply impressed by the cooperation he saw.
Not long ago, there was no room for hackers in Shanghai, and now there is a room for hackers, he told a group of onlookers.
This emerging space is now one of the 900 hacker spaces in the world, connecting Shanghai to global networks.
This is a great achievement.
In the spirit of the community, Altman sent a public invitation to members of the Shanghai hacker space to visit the San Francisco hacker space, gave the team five sets of keys, and said that as long as you are in town, you can
It seems that technicians in Shanghai have found a new global home.
Let thereXinchejian (
Also known as Shanghai hacker space)No. 1035 Changle Road
Floor 2, Xuhui district, Shanghai (
Corner of ulumuki Road)
Time: Saturday and Sundaym. to 5 p. m. (
Visit on weekdays by appointment)
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