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xi3 piston brings pc gaming to the living room on november 29

by:QY Precision      2019-12-28
Last week, Valve announced plans to take over the living room, including steam, steam engines and steam controllers.
SteamOS will be available this year, but the steam engine will not be available.
However, the original steam box shown at CES will appear this year.
Xi3 announced today that its piston Micro PC will be released on November 29.
The $999 PC will be booked during its arrival at SXSW 2013 gaming expo on November 15.
While inadvertently deleting one of the biggest game failures of the past decade in the press release, The Xi3 pistons are more impactful than Richard Garriott\'s MMO.
For just $999, you\'ll be able to get a Micro PC with a 128 gb ssd, an Ethernet controller that prioritizes game traffic, and a 3.
2 GHz AMD Tricity APU with Radeon 7000 series GPU and 8gb RAM.
It should be noted that the SSD can be extended to include two 512GB mSATA SSDs with more than 1tb of storage capacity.
The Xi3 claims that this setting will allow the piston to be displayed to three monitors or a single 4k display.
This statement is technically correct, but it looks like the piston will use AMD A8-
5600 K with Radeon HD 7560D.
In the comparison test on Tom\'s Hardware, A8-
In cases where Skyrim is set to medium, 5600 K can only manage about 22 FPS at 1080 p.
For those of you who are looking for a gaming PC for your living room, you may be doing worse than the Xi3 piston.
However, the price is a bit high for $999.
You can buy the components it uses and build a similar living room PC for half the price.
Heck, you can use a better CPU and add a more powerful standalone amd gpu, but still less than $1,000.
In short, Xi3 is a decent first attempt to bring PC games to the living room.
The specs will be enough to play any PC game released before 2010, but anything after that becomes suspicious.
If you want the machine in the living room to play complex games on it, it\'s better to buy PS4 or Xbox.
Any of these consoles will offer better-looking games at half price.
If you insist on using the PC, you can either make it yourself or wait for any valves stored in the Steam Machine on 2014.
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