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Workholding for CNC efficiency.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-18
Rapid change is a challenge for production engineers responsible for keeping CNC machine tools up to speed.
For example, it is not enough to install the fourth axis turntable.
You also have to preset it immediately and want to receive the artifact.
You can use the fourth one --
Rimeco Products Inc, Oak-system for quick change of shaft fixture
Oh, Kimura.
It is designed for uson VMCs and lathe with added speed
The change is convenient, so the operator can set up a fixture when machining another fixture.
Once the fixture is set up, the operator can change it in less than 10 seconds.
Also, once set up, all machines using the system can locate the workpiece precisely.
There are two models to choose from and install any indexers with 1. 25\"-
Holes or larger.
Two pin intervals 2.
5 \"disassemble the alignment assembly and the third one prevents reverse installation. The larger (standard)There are 8 models \"-
3/4 \"thick dia piston.
Developed 3600-
Lb clamping pressure of normal 80-
Psi store air, but can withstand more pressure if available.
Smaller units, there are 6 \"-
Diapiston, which produces a force of 1800.
An important feature is that you can make fixtures yourself.
The modular fixture of fourthGordon Coope, an application engineer at AZ Phoenix Stevens Engineering, told T & P, \"the popularity of subboards and fourth boards is getting higher and higher
The shaft turntable leads to tools that increase the overall productivity of these two accessories.
For example, you can avoid constant alignment between the head frame and the tailstock. A fourth-
Shaft unitis is installed once on the adapter board and then the assembly is mounted on the machine using cap screws and pull pins to ensure repeat positioning.
\"Modular tools also serve the fourth
Shaft panels and fixtures installed between heads-
Stock and tail goods.
Components previously used in modular applications, such as modular vises and other accessories, are now being used on the quad axis.
\"SMW systems, Santa Fe Springs, California, launched high
Performance electricity-servo-
The driver of IMTS 94. Model ET-
200 provides high rigidity, high precision and heavy dutyduty brakes. A large-
Pre-tight counter-mounted diameter spinner
Friction bearings help to provide good rigidity under heavy processing loads. Face-
5-result of gear coupling inarc-secaccuracy.
Troyke Mfg Co in Cincinnati, Ohio offers levels including-
The dimensions are from the vertical model of 9 \"dia to 30\" dia. DMT-
Up to 15 square feet of cross slide
On the working surface and cross
The sliding accuracy is less than 0. 001\". Buck-
Songben, Logan Sports, has launched a new economy and
Precision turntable including tilt table and dynamic grip model-force gages.
Check the grip of the three-gauge
Jaw chuck, make sure for today\'s shweigh-
High speed lathe operation.
CT, Berlin, horizontal working space royal machines and tools offers four, double vertical combined Chuck for up to 16 parts (QVC)or eightparts (DVC)on HMCs.
The company has customized the base for personal machine tools, and the Chuck allows the use of the spindle almost continuously, greatly reducing the downtime of tool replacement and almost no part replacement.
The main claws on QVC and DVC can be set in any one sprite
Mind-set or compensation mode.
The company also offers multiple hydraulic pallet clamps for storing several large workpieces on the tombstone
Just like the structure installed on the index table.
The system adopts a special fixing device built according to customer requirements.
The standard hydraulic manifold reduces chip traps, and the automatic positioning and clamping sequence is contracted by air or spring operation.
The modern fixture brings new design and status to the simple vise.
For example, Interlen Products, Inc. in Encinitas, California, has launched a modular tombstone component (PTA)
This allows the mechanic to take advantage of the installation speed of the pallet system to take advantage of the atomstone.
The MTA can be installed on the horizontal machining center or on the vise on the side and used on the VMC.
The key word is the vise. the middle line includes the vise-Mount[TM]
Tray system with clamp receiver sandwiched between the claws of the vise.
When the operator tightens the vise, the action pulls the receiver down and pairs it with the top of the vise (not the jaws)
Provides rigid working surfaces. Self-
Mind-set has become crucial for modern work-keeping systems.
The Kurt industrial products department of MN Minni aporith Kurt Mfg Co has launched the content
Central vise for holding castings, forgings, flame cutting or other roughnesssurface parts.
When the screw rotates, the two lower jaws of the vise move at the same time.
Committed to three principles --
Jaw chuck, no matter the size of the workpiece, it can accurately center the part. Center-
The position accuracy from the minimum to the maximum opening is 0. 0006\".
The repetition of the heart-size partsis 0. 0002\".
Although the chin is relative to the center line of the key entry line-
The way has been preset in the factory.
005 \", when multiple vises are installed on a machine table, the operator can make 1/8 adjustments to match all center lines. Kesel NC high-
Pressure hydraulic vises from JRM International Inc. , Rockford, IL will be integrated into the NC system.
Manual available-
Hydraulic or pure hydraulic unit with claw width from 3.
5 \"to 6\", Zijue boasted and fixed-
The jaw deflection is less than 0.
The entire clamping range is 000080 \".
6 \"The vise provides a clamping pressure of up to 11,250 lbs. A patented tie-
The bar system prevents deformation of the fixed chin and base, even under maximum clamping pressure.
The spindle is designed to repeat-ability is [+ or-]0.
0002 \"whoever operates the vise.
Other products of Kesel include hydraulic self
Extended flat vises
Open model, double vises, compensation claw, modular vises and hydraulic pump unit.
Chick Machine Tool Inc. , Warrendale, PA, offers more than just vises.
The whole line includes M-
System work maintenance system of CNC machining center.
Each with a light, compact high
Strengthen the aluminum base and then add the cover plate, QwikChange [TM]
The machined clamp claws, fixtures and other items form a complete work holding system. Airlox[TM]
Produce products, New York Queensbury, with the launch of the 20 \"apnovise vise with a maximum jaw opening and a very high holding power of 90 times the air
As an option, the line pressure, standard pressure or 120 times.
President Craig Healy pointed out, \"from 100-psi shop air. \" Model S-13-
20 can be integrated with the CNC machine through M code for automatic use.
From Bock Workholding Inc. , Pittsburgh, PA, a tiger workstop is installed with a vise or workbench with a single screw, and there is no need to stop when performing the machining operation.
Its swing arm allows it to move to allow machining on all available sides of the workpiece.
For repeated settings, the pivot can swing backwards with high precision. Three-
The shaft positioning of the device allows for fast setting and high repetition accuracy. Clamps -
Manual and electric clamps complete the bottom line in many systems.
Even with palletchangers, Tombstone, etc, the final workpiece must conform to the fixture, which usually holds the workpiece in place.
There are so many!
For example, Carr Lane provides a quick swing fixture, air or hydraulic power unit for a flexible fixture system.
The clip usually produces a force of 495lb at 5000 psi.
Other products include mold blocks, hydraulic vises, vise claws and balls-
Lock installation system.
In its wide range of work devices,Sta-
The MI Troy Co includes a pneumatic swing cylinder fixture that can feel the position of opening and closing.
Models 8200 and 8300 provide a safety factor that accurately knows when the fixture is fully opened and completely closed. Low-voltageHall-
The effect switch is installed in the groove on the side of the cylinder and is driven by the magnetic ring when the magnetic ring moves up and down.
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
Then read the on and off status of the switch. The fast-
Up to 160 lbs of action fixture (73 kg)
Clamping force from the workshop air pressure.
The inlet air pressure can be as low as 30 psig or as high as 120 psig. A four-
The way Valvecontrols clip.
The establishment of fixtures can be simple and cost-effectiveprofileLoc-Down mounting-
According to the technical tools company, the source of the bar system, Hendersonville, NC, Kopal [R]tooling.
In fact, the company claims that you can create a dedicated fixture with modular versatility.
For vertical and horizontal settings, the fixture is installed in precision-
The ground rod makes it possible to clamp single and multiple workpieces in various sizes.
The operator can fix any length of the part by spacing the fixture on the bar every 10.
For special fixtures, standard bolts and T-nuts.
According to the manufacturer, the fixture system works safely with the bar stock, the machined surface and the original casting with a draft angle.
It can fix the workpiece firmly and position them in a repetitive wayability of 0.
0004 \", no additional fixture and fixture requirements are required. The Ball-
The unit gripper assembly of MI Fraser Fairlane Products Inc. is a work holding device with replaceable gripper and self-rotation
Adjust to any draft angle or irregular shape below 10 degrees.
A complete assembly consists of a stainless steel ball in the apocet area with the accept holder and a socket
The head cap screw that holds the holder in place.
The holder itself can be high-
Steel, hard or hard.
The holder sizes range from 3/8 \"to 3/4. An O-
The ring helps to rotate the action and keep the contamination.
Gas springs commonly used for stamping dies can also be used for work.
Daco, Detroit, Michigan, made the proposal for its nitrogengas spring.
In fact, the new 3/4 \"-dia and 1\"-
The Dia model replaces the traditional spring in many jobs
SHOP application.
Preset spring-
In contact, the force model ranges from 50 to 450 and strokelengths up to 80mm.
Another way to provide the clamping action is to use the shapememory alloys(SMAs).
As explained by Charles Whitehead, president of linear motion industries (
LMD, Birmingham, AL, shape-
Memory clip is based on 30-year-
Use old ideas of alloys that have a reaction to temperature changes and mechanical deformation.
He told T & P, \"at low
Under the action of the force, a heated SMA will return to the original shape, creating a huge force while remembering.
In several methods of manufacturing, electrical-
Resistance heating seems to be applied in work.
The advantage is that the control design is simple.
\"In fact, Mr. Whitehead proposed a hydraulic fixture with SMA drive for agile work retention.
The system may require direct electrical operation of the fixture or use SMA-
Ride the booster on the tray.
Electrical signal of shape-
The memory device will start a boosterpump, and the boosterpump will start several hydraulic fixtures or vises on the tray. Fascinating?
Yes, but it\'s only at the research stage.
Hydraulic work of hydraulic system is more and more common? Where?
Tom Campbell, production automation marketing manager at Enerpac, Butler, WI, tellsT & P, said, \"its reliability and its impact on in-
Increased efficiency and reduced downtime.
With the increase of people\'s awareness, the scope of application is becoming wider and wider.
Effective work has long been viable in the automotive and aviation industries, but now you will see applications in the medical field
Electronic equipment
Testing areas, as well as some other industries.
Regardless of the industry involved, the wider use of hydraulic workpieces brings a common desire for increased profits and improved overall efficiency.
Where does hydraulic technology go?
Mr Campbell said, \"we are seeing a trend that is the multiple installations of the cylinders, bringing a cleaner environment and higher overall efficiency.
Installed through the manifold, the hydraulic flow reaches the activation side of the cylinder through the unexposed drilling Channel inside the fixture block.
\"Machine tools with pallet design represent another trend.
In order to adapt, we have a series of positive
Lock core.
Combine the non-degradation locking force of the mechanical fixture with the speed provided by the hydraulic fixture and the consistent high pressure.
The connector is hydraulic activated and mechanically locked, so the fixture cannot be worn out when the hydraulic connection is removed.
So ensure a positive lock in the long term.
Other developments include automatic coupler for FMS systems-
Enerpac has introduced activation rods and FMS boosterpackage to improve operational performance and economy, with two approaches: the prospect of reducing the penetration circuit of external contaminants, eliminates the most common source of hydraulic fluid loss in FMS systems.
\"The development that corresponds to the maintenance of the application with more kinds of work is small, reliable, and cost-
Efficient machine
The side power unit, such as our new turbine pump, has a restart function to maintain the required Circuit pressure.
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