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workforce development for manufacturing: despite rumors to the contrary, manufacturing is alive and well in southwest ohio, and career and technical education is working to help businesses there meet the need for skilled employees.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-11
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In a recent Skills Gap report, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
It was noted that there were some disturbing trends in the gap between demand and potential supply for highly skilled manufacturing workers.
In short, demand is growing and supply is shrinking. [
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The Non-Aligned Movement report states that smaller manufacturers, on the list of issues most affecting their operations, will find the number of qualified workers ahead of energy costs, taxes and government regulations.
The manufacturing industry in southwest Ohio is the largest in the country.
Many businesses in Miami Valley are closely linked to the automotive industry.
Bad news from large car factories and their main suppliers has brought very bleak situation to the manufacturing industry in the region, which has led to a sharp decrease in some manufacturing trade and industrial projects secondary vocational and technical education students.
The media\'s pessimistic description of all manufacturing is not accurate.
Small manufacturing in the Miami Valley is booming and hiring is increasing.
However, they need well-educated employees in a variety of machining and computer skills.
Therefore, they have formed a close relationship with the precision processing technology project of the Miami Valley Vocational and Technical Center (MVCTC).
\"We have 100% positions, waiting for the list of employers, and they want our trained students,\" said Van Henderson, senior precision machining technology lecturer . \".
\"When some big companies go out of business or go out of business, the publicity is very bad, and the number of people we register has dropped.
Everyone, including many parents and school instructors, thinks manufacturing is dead. end profession.
The public does not understand that machining and manufacturing include an ongoing list.
Products manufactured in the area include all products from aerospace components to artificial knee joints.
\"Each product requires staff trained in machining skills and flexibility to learn new products quickly.
Artistic ability is also involved in the creative process of transforming concepts into final results.
\"Students who visit our programs or other trade and industry programs often have their father or grandfather, who are mechanics,\" Henderson added . \".
\"They know the value of the profession and its endless opportunities.
They asked a lot of questions and wanted to make sure their son or daughter kept up with the latest data on processing technology.
They are always impressed.
\"The senior Alex claritri is such a student.
His father is a mechanic with common tools in Dayton, and his uncle owns C & W Swiss company that produces medical tools and instruments.
Crabtree, who works after school at Hofaker Machinery School in Clayton, Ohio, hopes to join his father or uncle\'s business when he graduates.
It\'s not easy to be a mechanic.
These items can be tedious and require fine motor skills to work with 1000 inaccuracy.
This work is technical due to computer digital control (CNC)
Completely changed the machinery of the manufacturing industry.
This is a computer.
It is possible to automatically program controlled machines that make precision parts.
But the machine can\'t think.
It must be programmed, set up correctly and operate correctly.
For example, an Intel computer makes a computer chip that requires CNCmachine to go through dozens of processes. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Mike Deeter, a junior precision machining technology lecturer at MVCTC, said: \"Many of our employers offer custom jobs to a range of customers . \".
\"It means they need mechanics who can adapt to many functional changes in CNC machines or handson equipment.
Almost all the people
Made starts with amachinist.
\"This is one of the reasons why we let students make small motorcycles and computer robots (
Which robot competitions do students participate in)
\"Show in our lab,\" Henderson added . \".
\"We want visitors to see that we are not just making tools like hammers and hand-on-hand.
Angelia erbagh, executive director of the Dayton Institute of tools and manufacturing, said, \"Manufacturing is to stay in the United States, but we cannot do this without a highly skilled workforce. And career-
Technical Education-
MVCTCww, Green County Nursing Center, Upper Valley JVS, just a few examples--
Help meet these needs in the Miami Valley.
\"A story about the industry, the same negative news that has rocked the MVCTC precision machinery technology project in the past few years, has also hurt the aviation maintenance technician project.
The headlines pointed out the huge financial problems faced by major airlines.
Cuts are inevitable.
Once again, it is believed that there will be no future for any type of aircraft to work.
In fact, there is a high demand for certified fuselage and power plant technicians.
\"Some of the larger airlines do have madecutback, but small commuter airlines (
American Eagle Airlines, net jet, PSA Airlines)
Very successful and very much needed-
\"Trained technicians,\" said Eric biker, senior aviation maintenance technology lecturer at MVCTC.
MVCTC aviation maintenance program accepts high school students and adult students.
Adult Student Shane Fiedler currently serves as a rampsupervisor at Dayton International Airport and participates in the mvctcavation maintenance program in the afternoon.
\"It\'s an easy choice for me,\" he said . \".
\"By working at the airport, I can see for myself their injuries to certified technicians.
Jacob Mead, a senior high school student, agreed.
Ayear though-
He signed up for a round course that met the FAA hour requirements.
\"I know I will learn a lot about a wide range of disciplines ---
Hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, physical, engineering and aerodynamics.
When we are done, we will be eligible and certified and we can do anything with the aircraft other than flying it, \"he said (
Although he quickly added that the technician did \"hot-
Braketaxi \"and\" high
\"Aircraft as part of maintenance\".
Dar borradailientes, coach of junior aviation maintenance technicians, said, \"Last year we were asked to fill the vacancy with over 300 technicians ---
Less than 100 miles from school.
All of our graduates were hired within a few weeks of graduation, and most of the schools were in the Miami Valley.
This is another example of how careereducation provides Labor development for manufacturing and technology in the region.
Committee on manufacturing skills standards (MSSC)
It is a national organization that manages high levels from industry, education and labor. In 2001, the U. S.
The Department of Labor has recognized the MSSC as a voluntary partnership for manufacturing and recognized the MSSC\'s national validation criteria.
According to MSSC, there are more than 800 companies involved in the development of standards, 4,500 workers and 350 subject matter experts.
The MSSC training, evaluation and certification system issues certificates at the \"production technician certification\" level to workers and students who have passed four manufacturing
Related modules: manufacturing process and production;
Quality and continuous improvement;
Maintain awareness; and Safety.
According to the MSSC, the ACT work key is \"complementary, non-competitive or overlapping\" with the MSSC \".
\"In testing student and worker groups in Indiana, the MSSC first used the work key to determine if these people were doing very high jobs --
The level of preparation of mathematics and English, can take mathematics and English courses.
The Ohio labor investment board recognizes the complementary nature of the work key and the MSSC project.
The organization announced that it will invest in a statewide labor development system that will consist of three levels: the level of job preparation using work keys, the level of production workers using MSSC, and the use
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
Praise MSSCcertification as a major breakthrough for the future of US manufacturing.
The chairman of the non-aligned movement, John Engler, noted that members of his organization said they had real difficulties in finding qualified applicants.
\"We are confident that this new certification program will help address the growing skill gap by making clear to workers what skills they need in the manufacturing industry, at the same time, enables the manufacturer to identify the applicant who owns the purchaser.
\"For vocational and technical educators, the MSSC system offers valuable benefits because they can adapt training and courses to industry standards.
James McCaslin, chairman and president of MSSC
Davidson Motor Company
, It is recommended that the company either connect with the MSSC
Certification Assessment Centers and teachers in schools near the factory, or MSSC certification for their own corporate training centers and lecturers.
\"They can also do this at the same time,\" said addsMcCaslin, \"mainly using schools as a conduit for future workers, as well as their own trainers, to measure and improve the base of their existing workers
\"For more information about the manufacturing skills standards committee, please visit www. msscusa. org.
Rosalie Bernard is the communications coordinator at the Valery Vocational and Technical Center in Miami, Clayton, Ohio.
She has access to atrbernard @ mvctc. com.
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