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work apace to put in place electrical network in igc

by:QY Precision      2019-09-24
Larsen and tubroo, engineering group (L&T)
Build the capital city of the state with shapoji paroji companyLtd.
Rapid efforts are being made to equip the temporary government building (IGC)
By the end of November, there was a strong network of wires and other power controls.
The goal is to prepare IGC for hosting the next session of the Legislative Council and Parliament in Amaravati in early 2017. The AP-
Southern Power Distribution Co. , Ltd (AP-SPDCL)
Currently, nearly 2 MW of power is provided to the five modules that appear in the IGC every day.
After the construction of the sixth block, which includes parliament and Assembly buildings, is completed, the supply will be increased to more than 3 MW.
The opening and closing of the evacuated power supply of APSPDCL stands at the substation of the 220th/132/33 KV Tadikonda of the Commission and the Tadepalli of the 132/33 KV substation, covering a total distance of nearly 35 km (
15 km from Tadikonda and 20 km from Tadepalli)
Can carry 10-through two-15 MW.
L & T is leveraging the expertise of its electrical and automation business to install electrical systems in IGC, including generators and other equipment.
\"Our mission is to lay only conductors and power the site.
As a consumer, the government has the right to hand over internal engineering to an institution of its own choice, \"an official at SPDCL told Hindus.
The underground cable further indicates that the underground cable work of IGC is going on quickly, and outside of IGC the line will go through the overhead.
The switch station is equipped with a car supply chain facility that transfers power from any faulty line to a line in good condition, thereby restoring supply within seconds.
The design of the electrical network allows it to be upgraded in a short period of time to meet the greater power demand in the future.
SPDCL and Transco have expanded their existing capabilities at a significant cost.
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