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woman’s rare sleep disorder behind night-time shopping sprees

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
A step-by-
Step guide on how to fall asleep in just 60 seconds.
Kelly NYS has accumulated a large bill after shopping while sleeping.
Image: FacebookSource: FacebookA UK mom has spoken out about the rare disease that caused her to pay for huge online purchases --
Fast asleep.
Kelly knipps, 37, from Essex, England, noticed a problem for the first time shortly after her first child was born.
She told the British tabloid The Mirror that at about that time she began to wake up in the morning looking for strange shopping receipts that she did not remember.
Over the years, she believed she had spent about £ 3000. $A5571)
Including hundreds of dollars worth of lollipops, a few cookie cans worth 58 ($A107)
Even once, a \"complete
A plastic basketball court arrived by a truck.
\"I bought one.
The size of EBay\'s basketball court, I just refused delivery the next day when it showed up at my house, \"she told the publication.
\"I never really need to put any credit card details when I buy things online, because these are all saved on my phone.
\"It\'s all on my phone and everything on my phone is accessible by touch.
I am in debt everywhere.
Ms. Knipes said that she purchased the items from her phone, that her credit card information had been saved on the phone, and that later she had to return all the items to prevent herself from falling into debt.
She said her condition was caused by lack of sleep.
A potentially dangerous disease that causes patients to stop breathing repeatedly while sleeping.
Kelly Knipes says her ventilator device has helped her get her \"life back \".
Picture: FacebookSource: The mother of FacebookThe three children said she knew she would sleepwalk during her childhood, claiming that her condition would cause her brain part to wake up and then sleepwalk
Some mornings she woke up and found all the doors and windows open at home.
But while sleepwalking and shopping are relatively harmless, MS nepps says her illness has caused her to take excessive diabetes medications during pregnancy.
\"I dreamed that I was talking to the doctor and I kept saying I didn\'t want to take the medicine again --
But when I woke up, I had taken all the pills, \"she told the Mirror.
\"Fortunately, everything is fine --
But I\'m worried that social services will be involved.
Ms. Knipes said that she went to see a doctor many times only because her symptoms were relieved due to stress and fatigue.
But after contact with the two consultants, she finally found the answer and was officially diagnosed with obstruction of sleep apnea and deep sleep. there was a special call for her to stop breathing for 122 nights.
Since then, Knipes MS has tried the positive pressure of the continuous gas Channel (CPAP)
The device at night, which keeps her airway open when she sleeps.
She also sleeps with an oxygen mask and both therapies have a relief effect.
\"When I got the ventilator, I felt rested, re-
\"This is the first time in many years to be vibrant,\" she said . \".
\"It really brought me back to life.
\"Since I started doing continuous airway ventilation, I didn\'t have any abnormal sleep behavior, didn\'t shop online at night, my headache had stopped and I wasn\'t depressed.
\"Ms. Knipes said she is now talking about her rare condition because she wants to raise awareness and help other patients.
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