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With 3D printers, you can change the world (or at least mend a train set)

by:QY Precision      2019-09-21
No machine has been so hyped since Jenny ushered in the industrial revolution.
Supporters of 3D printers say the new technology will change the world.
Most of these fanatics, who live in San Francisco or hawkston, believe that \"printers\" will turn kitchen tables into factories and tear up existing economic orthodox ideas.
Well, this week, when the printer first arrived in the UK in any serious business form, I made such a bold request for testing.
Pressing the Ctrl Alt Delete key has never been such a frequent revolution.
They are very slow. they are very upset.
But they are smart, God bless.
Of course, 3D printers are not printers at all; they are model-
Make Jet-molten plastic to make machines that are highly complex and precisely designed.
They have actually been in use for a few years, but only serious computers or design geeks will use them, and most of the time they are in workshops or offices.
However, Maplin has started selling in the past month! Plus (£1,600)
This is a printer designed for the home and PC World and now offers cubes (£1,195).
700 grams of plastic cartridges will cost 50 more.
Both sides promised to allow
Technology consumers can create their own objects by \"touching the Button.
Earlier this year, when it was reported that Texas student Cody Wilson made a full 3D printer with a 3D printer, many people were shocked. Function gun.
How 3D printing will change the world
Cost metal 3D printer3D printing: Seven strange and wonderful uses3D printing sites: I guess the royal baby baptism gift 3D printer is listed in the UK through its pacesCube 3D printer, but this new technology is also considered a life --
With it, you can design a custom device without the need for expensive machining tools.
At the Science Museum in London, Suzi zaiiw is helping to plan an exhibition called \"3D: print the future\", which will open next week.
She said there were five.
There are 5 million people around the world moving around in 3D.
Prints in their bodies-artificial hips, teeth, and even small scaffolding structures inside the limbs that help their bones grow.
\"3D printing is causing an explosion in people\'s creativity.
\"It\'s not just hype,\" she said . \"
My goal is modest.
I want to make a track missing from my toddler\'s train which will take me some time and money to find in the store.
For ordinary consumers, this is where the potential of 3D printers lies.
In the future, you do not have to wait for the broken washing machine or important Lego missing parts to be sent by post;
You can simply print it yourself.
Dynamism is an electronic product site that specializes in selling cubes and cubes, the site\'s chief executive Douglas crowns!
I firmly believe that they will be as common as a microwave or toaster: \"In the end, everyone will have one in their own home.
Prices will drop exponentially and performance will increase exponentially, just like PCs.
\"Personal computers were very limited in the early days.
This is how the 3D printer is now, but it will take only a few years.
\"Fortunately, a degree in graphic design is not required to manufacture spare parts or toys.
Amateur designers have uploaded thousands of blueprints to third. Party website (
Such as thingiverse. com)
Then someone can use the 3D printer easily.
These are designed primarily for iPhone cases, fancy jewelry, odd nuts and bolts, and some missing toy parts, including the Brio train tracks I need.
After downloading the design, it will appear on your computer screen ready to print on your machine.
Press the button, hey presto, your new hip or weapon will pop up in a moment.
Of course, things are not that simple.
I endured my head for hours.
First, scratch the software that comes with installing the printer.
Then I have to make sure that every bed on the printer is completely flat and that\'s not a great feat.
On one occasion, I didn\'t know how to properly position the Rogue\'s mouth spray.
Yes, they can create super
Precise design, but they can also be as temperamental as any 2D printer.
After I get up!
However, the result is incredible.
The printer is squeezed by super-
There is a thin layer of melted plastic on top of each other.
It looks at the thin coil of the plastic into the print head and then sees it arranged to be miniature
MM in Micronmillimetre.
\"Wow, we have a robot in our house,\" my 10-year-
As he watched the printer\'s extruder bounce back and forth, he was old enough to create a Plaid work of plastic.
\"It\'s so cool.
\"40 minutes later, I made a perfect train track on it! .
Three hours later, I made a very complicated Three.
Use the inch pieces of the cube.
Nick Allen, 3D printing director, one of the 3D printing experts
Britain, comparing the phenomenon to the 90-year-old bread machine boom-they were snapped up in a wave of excitement, but were languishing behind kitchen cabinets.
But, still, there\'s some magic about controlling the process and being able to make bread the way you want it.
This is exactly what 3D printing does-it holds the power of manufacturing in the hands of ordinary consumers.
Do we create life with technology?
It is entirely up to us to decide, to change, or to change, a new kind of plastic.
Watching Harry fight the 3D printer at the Telegraph. co.
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