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wirecut edm - how many axes?

by:QY Precision      2019-10-10
Size of Wirecut EDM unit from bench
Top free models in Togiant-
Standing machine
They have two to six or more axes under CNC with varying degrees of control complexity.
The minimum level of computer numerical control for wirecut equipment is programmable 2-axis control-X and Y.
When facing the front of the workpiece table, the x-axis control of the workpiece table smokes from left to right along the horizontal axis.
The y-axis defines the horizontal motion from the front to the back.
The z-axis consists of the vertical distance between the upper and lower lead rails, manually adjusted on all but the most complex machines.
The next higher level of Cnc is probably the most common --
Isprogram month-axis control.
Here, the X, Y, U, and V axes are under computer control.
The U-axis corresponds directly to the x-axis, not the movement of the workpiece.
Similarly, the V axis in the wire guide is parallel to the y axis. The 4-
The shaft machine shifts the top wire guide rail relative to the lower wire guide rail and the workpiece.
This allows the generation of tapered or contour surfaces such as cones, cylinders, and other similar shapes.
Adding computer control to the Z axis provides 5-
Shaft machine, which can produce more complex shapes by approaching or away from the workpiece the guide wire, because the wire tilt changes.
Other axes that can be placed under computer control include theA-axis (
The Workbench rotates around the horizontal axis)and theB-axis (
Table tilt or rotation about vertical axis).
Systems with 5 or more control axes are sometimes considered special-Purpose machine.
In operation, they are 2-simpler-axisor 4-axis units.
About EDM processing recently, Addison Corporation of the United States published a comprehensive brochure on wirecut EDM, entitled \"What are the requirements of wirecut EDM\"
A5000 hour report
AGIE noted in this report that many times the edm process has been misunderstood.
This is a thermal process that removes the material by generating intense heat in the high local area of the workpiece.
During the EDM process, the material is removed from the workpiece by controlling the Sparks generated in the power supply of the machine and released from the driving
Attach the electrode to the workpiece.
As long as the workpiece is conductive, it can be any material no matter how hard it is.
There is no direct contact between the workpiece and the electrode, and almost no object applies any physical force to another object.
The motor and the workpiece are tightly held together by the machine control, and they are always separated by a small gap.
The gap is always filled with circulating electrical fluid-
De-ionic water in Wirecut EDM
It mainly plays an insulating role.
The medium also acts as a coolant in the Spark area and rushes out the corroded metal particles from the surface of the workpiece.
When the DC voltage from the power supply is applied for the first time, due to the presence of the medium, there is no current flow between the electrode and the workpiece.
However, an electric field begins to accumulate in the gap.
When the power of the electric field ionizes the medium, the channels of positive and negative particles are formed at an explosive rate.
As these particles accumulate and migrate to the opposite poles, the current begins to flow, creating high temperatures and pressures.
In the end, the thermal action of the particles leads to the melting and evaporation of a part of the metal, leaving a crater on the surface of the workpiece.
Then the voltage drops to zero, the current stops, causing the discharge channel to collapse, and the heat and pressure dissipate.
It is shown that removing the material from the workpiece is not only the flow of current.
Turn current on and off (pulsing)
This will actually produce the thermal action of charged particles, vaporizing and melting the metal during the EDM process.
The most effective part of the spark sequence is at the initial moment when the material evaporates by releasing energy.
After that, the longer the current, the more heat accumulates, and the more the material melts instead of evaporates.
Some of this molten metal will always be re-deposited back into the crater of the workpiece, with a foreseeable impact on the surface integrity of the workpiece.
How should we use this process?
AGIE continues to explain that wirecut EDM has an obvious advantage over other processing methods.
First of all, it does something other scans don\'t do at all.
EDM is a very precise process with nonlinear, radius, and fit accuracy at the micron level.
It is able to use fine, complex parts for wire cutting as small as 0. 001 \" dia.
EDM cuts all conductive materials, including hardened tool steel, hard alloy, heat-
A short-haired cat, such as ceramic, Cubic Boron carbide (
Cubic Boron nitrogen)
, Polycrystal diamond).
This process can be used to produce tools, molds and finishing parts with very fine finish.
Only wirecut EDM can be continuous-
The path of complex three gradually becomes thinner
Dimensions such as extrusion die, turbine blade and complex mold cavity.
Second, because EDM uses fewer operations and fewer settings, it can do something faster.
Many traditional processing methods remove metals faster than EDM.
In fact, compared to new technologies such as drilling, milling, turning, grinding and laser cutting, EDM\'s \"cutting\" is slower.
However, using a highly automated device can often remove the entire step from the process sheet.
For example, making a simple mold can require milling, drilling, slicing first and then forming a grinding.
With EDM, the mold can be done on one machine without slicing or installing it separately.
Copy of the AGIE brochure, please circle 489.
The medium system de-ionised water is the medium used for wirecut EDM for several reasons, including its rapid material removal, rapid cooling capacity and a complete lack of fire potential.
In addition, the narrow cutting gap used by inwirecut EDM needs to be low
Ensure that the viscous medium is fully flushed.
This demand is met by de-ionic water.
Water can also remove heat from the cutting area more effectively than conventional double-electric oil.
Better cooling effect in the thinner cast material layer.
Finally, many wirecut EDM users run their longest work overnight or on weekends unattended.
The use of de-ionization water to remove electricity can avoid any potential fire hazard.
Water is often recycled in a deionised water media system to reduce operating costs.
Recycling is included through 5-
One-time paper filter or diatom Earth filter.
After filtration, the resistivity of water is adjusted around the past ionizer filter cartridge.
Multiple purchases are the best way to understand the types of devices available, and each device is characterized by viewing samples of different models offered by various manufacturers.
IMTS 88 presents some new and interesting wirecut EDM devices.
The following descriptions and illustrations attached to this article provide a cross-section of what is displayed.
One-click programming CNC wirecut EDM has revolutionized the mold industry by providing a quick and accurate way to cut complex shapes in hardened or foreign materials.
However, as with other CNC machine tools, CNC wirecutEDM units traditionally require operators with computer programming experience, including computer code and knowledge of entering data through the keyboard.
For many stores, expensive CNC learning curves prohibit training every production employee to operate machines controlled by both manual and computer.
This can lead to lower productivity and inefficiency of job scheduling.
A smaller learning costortwo-
Man shops have a greater impact on their ability to use wirecutEDM.
The DS model of Hansvedt
Wirecut EDM contains a CNC system that is understood and operated by almost every tool manufacturer.
The screen display is written in simple English, and the internal software system guides the operator by presenting a logical selection process for input information.
The most obvious difference between DS-
2 and other CNCwirecut EDMs do not have a keyboard.
A knob called the computer input knob controls the entire operation of the machine, from creating a program to jogging manually X-Y worktable. Hansvedt\'s one-
There are five basic movements in the knob control: clockwise rotation;
Rotate counter-clockwise;
Static depression;
Press down the rotation clockwise;
And rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.
With these five actions, the operator can scroll the cursor, select from the list of options, enter letters and numbers, and set the artifacts. The entire DS-
The operating system is included on 15 screens: How it works. The first screen, called the main menu, offers multiple options: the loader; Create Program; Edit Program; Setup/Cut.
Turning the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise will scroll the cursor between these four options.
Pressing the knob will select the next screen. This rotate-and-
The suppression method of moving between screens is used throughout the system.
CREATE program on DS-2 is easy.
The screen indicates setting the operator to: assign the program name, select inches or metricunit, and then enter the pattern data.
The program line number is automatically assigned by the software.
The computer input knob can select the code selection for linear, anti-clockwise, clockwise, pause, and stop.
After selecting the absolute or incremental size, the computer input knob will become the digital \"typewriter\" for the input X\"
Coordinate with each other.
After entering, the cursor automatically moves the next position on the screen.
After entering the program, the pattern can be manipulated to adjust the size (Rescale)
, Rotation position, reversal (Mirror)the image.
The computer input knob changes to motion in settings mode-controldevice.
Jogging the x-axis or y-axis is just a kind of depression. and-
Rotation function of the knob.
The brake on the knob enables the operator to jog down to an increment of 0. 0001\".
Jog faster if the knob rotates further.
The table movement will stop when the knob is releaseditsspring-loaded. Power-
When the machine is cut, the power parameters can be pre-programmed or adjusted by the computer input knob.
This gives the operator the opportunity to fine tune the cut for maximum performance.
Although DS-
2 represents the progress of software technology, it also eliminates the computer environment of traditional machine tools. \" First-
The time CNC operator will not be intimidated by the keyboard, computer code and computer format.
Therefore, shopkeepers can enjoy a faster return on their wirecut EDM investment by experiencing a short learning curve. The DS-2 is a 2-axis bench-
Type electric spark wirecut system.
Applications include parts production, extrusion molds, mold plug-ins, EDM electrodes and short
Stamping Die.
Literature on DS2, circle 495.
The challenge of handling 42-degree wire cones is to perform 84-degree angle, 42-degree wi machining on each side of the anemometer turbine.
These blades will be used to measure the flow of Ford\'s radiator with low flow at Lockheed.
High speed wind tunnel. The 42-
Academic requirements seemedunattable consideration 30-degree-
Cone limit of the motor being used.
Haulbrook Engineering, Marietta, Georgia, accepted the challenge.
They modified the wires.
The guide Assembly and the flue nozzle open the gap and bring the guide rail closer.
The result is an aluminum turbine blade, 3. 75 \" dia, 0.
25 thick with CH 28 finish (98 microinch).
The cone is expanded by using Charmilles U-V travel.
Starting with the original Blade, Haulbrook has a variety of designs, including two,four-, and six-
The blade is equipped with high-efficiency and self-
The Earth pre-coating filtration system for all wirecut EDMs was developed by bel Monte equipment, MI Madison Heights. The Model WEDM-
20 quiet, easy to install and operate.
Torun is said to cost less than $300 a year.
In addition, during the simple 5 to 7 minute semi-automatic drainage and charging of the filter, there is no need to turn off the EDM machine, so there is no downtime.
The compact woven stainless steel \"flexible tube\" cluster with a filter area of 20 square feet provides the unit with a flow rating of 20 gpm.
The purity of water is 1 to 3 microns, compared to 5-
Micron scale using the system of the pleat paper cartridge.
The filter only uses 4 lbs (about$1 worth)
Silica soil for each charge.
It operates on 115 V current and 80 psi workshop air.
For more information on the Earth filter, circleady.
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