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will your voting machine work on election day?

by:QY Precision      2019-09-07
Voters in Polk County, Florida will use 16-year-
On election day, November, old machines have approached or exceeded their average life expectancy.
The region, which includes parts of the Greater Tampa Bay area, is one of many jurisdictions in a dozen states that use voting machines aged 15 or older during this year\'s election cycle, A report from Brennan Justice Center was disclosed on last September.
Two years ago, before the 2014 midterm elections,
After 2012 presidential elections warned that the state of voting technology was a \"crisis coming\", member committee President Barack Obama formed to study how to prevent long queues in the vote.
\"Two years later, with Clinton and Trump fighting over gun laws, there is not much better political disagreement.
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The authors of the Brennan Center report told CBS News that while many jurisdictions have purchased new equipment or have developed plans to do so, there are still many places where even older machines are being processed.
The vast majority of this country-43 states --
The Brennan Center reports that electronic voting machines with at least 10 years of history will be used in this year\'s elections.
These machines take about 10 to 20 years before they fail.
Many election officials hope to replace aging equipment in the next five years, the report said, but many of them do not yet know where they will find the money.
Most of the old equipment still in use was purchased for $3.
Congress approved 9 billion in the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
Florida\'s 2000 presidential election failed in 2002, including punching in.
This is the last time the federal government has helped states buy new equipment.
It seems that lawmakers will not come to the rescue soon.
\"There is a little bit of the remaining Hava funds,\" said Lori Edwards, director of the Polk County election . \".
\"You can probably buy two or three units or something. . .
But this is not enough to weaken any new [major]purchase.
Edwards said, replacing the county\'s 16-year-
She believes the still reliable old machine will cost taxpayers more than $2 million.
She said she plans to make this request to the local government council and the County Council soon.
Polk County uses an optical scanner to count tickets through an optical scanner.
Another common voting machine is to touch the voting machine. Screen Machine. These new-
Computer fangs
Relying on machines should herald the future of voting. -a post-
Paper voters.
Ironically, holding a safe election means we still need the old ones.
In order to verify the vote or audit the election, the school conducts a paper ballot.
If the machine is hacked or faulty, the lack of paper marks can cause significant problems, which has occurred before.
For example, these machines are prone to calibration problems or \"vote-flip \".
\"On 2012, a Penn-based mobile phone for civilian use recorded a machine that turned his vote on President Obama to Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate of the year.
Voters at Virginia Beach went through the same mistake in 2014.
The city replaced them last year.
In the northern suburbs of Virginia, it was replaced by the County of Felix. Screen Machine.
During the 2014 election, it was reported that the state\'s machines crashed and experts found that the popular wifi-
There are serious security holes in the enabled machine, and someone may invade the machine from nearby or in person.
The Virginia election commission disqualified them.
\"One of the biggest problems with these old WINVote machines is that these two USB ports can never be fully sealed.
So if someone wants to install a malware they can come in and vote and install a thumb drive you\'ll never know, \"said Cameron Sasnett, the general registrar at ferfax, who told CBS News
But these areas of Virginia are lucky.
There are still more than 40 places in the state that will still use touch-
Virginia Election Commissioner Edgardo Cortés said the screen equipment for the month of November.
Officials in these areas will have to figure out how to replace them in the next five years.
Virginia\'s legislature has just passed a bill that will eliminate all contacts
Screening equipment by July 2020. Last year, Gov.
Terry macaulleaf asked the state to approve a $28 million purchase of a new voting machine, but the Republican Party-
This requirement was not met by the legislature.
\"It\'s very frustrating,\" Cortés said of Congress\'s lack of action to approve more funding to states . \".
\"There\'s just one-
Time injects money, and while it helps everyone to speed up and set a baseline, there must be some long term
How can we provide appropriate funding for the election.
We will deal with this problem every few years.
Brennan Center estimates that it will cost at least $2 billion to replace old voting machines nationwide. Rep.
D-Hank Johnson
Georgia is trying to restore the issue in Washington, though it may not see the dawn in Congress, with House Republicans suggesting last year that the electoral aid committee be canceled.
Johnson introduced a bill in April that would allocate $0. 125 billion in federal grants to help states replace machines with at least six years of history in 2012 elections.
It will also allow countries to apply for $20 million in development opening-
Source of voter technology.
Los Angeles County is pioneering such efforts to solve the problem of long-term aging of voting machinesterm.
Home of nearly 5 million registered voters, Los AngelesA.
It is the largest jurisdiction in the country and their current machines can be traced back to 1960, but upgraded in 2003 and 2006.
Since 2009, the county has developed its own voting machine from scratch.
Voters will be able to mark their choices by touch first
The Screen Machine then prints out their votes and puts them in the ballot box.
These physical votes will then be taken to the center and will be scanned and counted.
Voters will also have the opportunity to advance
Mark sample voting on devices such as iPhone or iPad, and then they can use the QR code to transfer their selection to the machine at the polling station. L. A.
It is planned to test the new system during the early voting period of the 2018 midterm elections, which will then be fully implemented in the 2020 presidential elections.
Because the city is designing its own prototype, it is likely to solve the long-term problem. term issues.
Trump\'s response to the Orlando shooting \"if the law changes or the voter behavior changes, then we don\'t have to give up the whole system and go out and buy a new system,\" said Dean Logan, the registrar --recorder for L. A. County.
\"Instead, we update the user interface if there is an improved touch screen display, or if there is an improved printer, we update it.
\"But again, the poor parts of the country may not be able to afford new machines or invent their own.
A lack of funding could create conditions for a re-counting fiasco again if officials have no way to replace their old machines in the next five years.
\"The longer we solve the problem, the greater the risk,\" Norden said . \".
\"We fail every day, and in general we are confused.
In the end, you will encounter enough failures, which cost more votes than the margin of victory between candidates.
When this happens in high
The profile contest, you ended up with what happened in Florida in 2000.
People warn of punching machines and their high mistakes.
A few years before the 2000 election.
There are not enough people to listen.
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