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what type of drill bits do you need for plastic?

by:QY Precision      2019-10-06
While any power drill can be used to drill the plastic, it is important to have the right drill bit so that you do not have a chip or crack material.
Even after a few months of drilling, irregular holes and rough edges can cause cracking.
Plastic drill bits are available in various sizes;
However, it is best to consult a professional before undertaking the project yourself.
When drilling the plastic, the larger the hole, you should use a slower drilling speed because the plastic can be melted at high speed.
In addition, the drill speed is always reduced when the drill bit exits the material.
Before drilling, it is better to fix the plastic firmly on a solid surface and support the drilling with a spare plywood underneath.
In this way, the drill bit enters the plywood when it leaves the plastic and avoids chipping the surface at the bottom.
In addition, it is recommended to use lubricants when drilling deeper holes to help clear debris and heat dissipation.
In addition, as the plastic expands and shrinks as the temperature changes, make sure to drill a slightly larger hole than necessary to allow space for screw movement without putting pressure on the material
The most effective plastic drill bit is spur-
Point, also known as positioning position.
Their angles are especially suitable for smooth cutting on materials. A spur-
Point bit has a central Point, and the Spurs keep the bit aligned and a clean and tidy hole.
Some of the soft materials, including plastic, benefit from drilling before actually drilling.
The electric drill is first used to sink the head or create a depression in the material.
Using the drill bit with the plastic drill bit ensures that the drill bit remains in the center of the Depression.
Do not use twist drill bits when drilling plastic;
They can split and destroy the material.
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