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What should be paid attention to when purchasing numerical control tools

by:QY Precision      2020-04-01
CNC tools are mechanical cutting tools, also known as tool manufacturing. General cutting kit file, including abrasive tools simultaneous'Tools' , In addition to cutting blades, also include cutter and Holder's accessories. Therefore, how to choose a suitable CNC tool is very important? When you choose the type and specification of the CNC tool, our main consideration is the influence of the following factors ︰(1) The nature of production here naturally refers to the size of the production batch of CNC tool processing parts, mainly considering the processing cost that affects the tool selection. For example, using a special tool in mass production may be beneficial, while choosing a standard tool in single or small batch production is more suitable. (2) Machine type CNC tool type used in equipment processing (Drilling, turning or milling tools)Affect the integrity of the toll CNC machine tool. Ensure that high productivity tools such as cutting lathes and feed tools are allowed under rigid conditions of the workpiece and tool system of the system. (3) CNC machining programs different CNC machining solutions can be used for different types of CNC tools. For example, with drilling and reaming, drilling and boring processing can also be used for processing. (4) The size and shape of the workpiece the size and shape of the workpiece also affect the types and specifications of the tool, such as the choice of special metal cutting tools for special surface treatment. (5) For example, the tool that affects the shape and structure of the workpiece and the surface roughness of the machined surface roughness numerical control tool is the thinnest tooth milling cutter when rough milling and precision milling and milling tool rough teeth.
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