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what is wire edm?

by:QY Precision      2019-09-15
Wire discharge machining, also known as wire discharge machining, what is it?
Wire discharge machining refers to the process in which hard metals that could not be processed or manipulated by traditional methods can now be processed through charge manipulation and design, to cut the unwanted metal into shapes and designs that have not been achieved so far, with greater tolerances and precision.
A limitation requirement for EDM is that the material must be conductive.
An example of traditional processing is to place the metal pipe on the lathe, turning the metal pipe when cutting with carbide tips or other similar tools;
Like Wood on a lathe. cut.
While this is a very basic example that shows how much the difference is from product to product, wire can allow companies to make more complex products from metals that have so far been inaccessible, even cut shapes into 3D and extremely complex jewelry designs.
There are generally two types of discharge processing, ram and wire.
For the scope of this document, we will only discuss the wire EDM of the latter.
Discharge Machining was initially observed by Joseph Priestly in 1770 and it has started but is very inaccurate and prone to failure.
However, until it is fully developed and commercially available in the medium term
The 1970 s wire began to rise rapidly, and moved to the machine tool at 1980 s and became more extensive and attractive than traditional processing techniques.
In the process of trying to process harder metal and improve the cutting accuracy, the line EDM only allows this capability and accuracy.
Some industries that benefit from EDM include jewelry designers, metal shops, automobile manufacturers, artists working in metal, and factories specialized in EDM to provide parts for various industries.
Because of EDM, the engine efficiency of our car is much higher, and the life of the electrical appliances is far more than the cars made before EDM.
Because of wire line, we are more able to produce durable goods while making full use of raw materials, which is good for everyone.
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