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What is the liquidity of employees in mechanical parts processing enterprises?

by:QY Precision      2020-01-26
Can not find, can not recruit, can not stay, more and more precision mechanical parts processing plants began to complain about the lack of skilled hardware parts processing talents. More than half of the mechanical parts processing enterprises reflect that the biggest problem they encounter in their operation is the lack of talents, not huge capital investment. In fact, the most fundamental reason why mechanical parts processing enterprises can't find people or keep people is that they can't afford competitive salary levels, this depends on the business model and profit situation of the entire Chinese mechanical parts processing industry. Although there are no official figures on the profit status of precision mechanical parts processing enterprises, they can always know some information in the information provided by the industry. For example, according to media reports, the profit of some hardware parts processing factories OEM iPhone is only 2%, compared with Apple, which makes more than 40% of the profit. In the past few years, Haier and Konka both wanted to enter the real estate industry, because of the hard work in manufacturing and developing new products, the profit margin is only a single digit all the year round, while the real estate industry can earn 30% profit by doing so casually. Based on this profit distribution, the salary that mechanical parts processing enterprises can provide to ordinary employees must be very low, and the salary of hardware parts processing basis is close to the 'local minimum wage standard' and the day is over. Moreover, the current precision mechanical parts processing is still in the labor-intensive stage, that is to say, the proportion of manpower is very large, and this kind of work is monotonous and repetitive. According to the general business logic, the salary of employees depends on the value they can contribute. To be fair, the grass-roots work of mechanical parts processing, also known as assembly line work, is limited in value like waiters and cleaners, and it is difficult to find a 'upward flow' path.
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