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What are the post-processing processes customized for CNC machining?

by:QY Precision      2020-02-24
Anyone who knows CNC precision machining knows that in the process of CNC machining customization, Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers often encounter some post-processing processes. The more powerful precision mechanical parts processing factory is more skilled in post-processing technology. However, the post-processing technology of general hardware parts processing manufacturers is so-so, so it is difficult to improve the quality of CNC processing customization. General customers are looking for CNC precision machining cooperation, often ignoring the manufacturer's post-processing process. Half a ninety. The quality of a CNC customized product plays a very important role in the post-processing process. These post-treatment processes are various and commonly used, such as oil injection, silk screen printing, electroplating, oxidation and oil injection, which are mainly used in plastic CNC machining customization, although metal CNC machining customization can also be used, but there is still a big difference between them. The adhesion of metal materials is not so good, and it is easy to have the problem of paint falling. Therefore, before the fuel injection, the general metal material will be sandblasted, the CNC machining customization of aluminum alloy materials uses oxidation to change the color. In Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, oxidation is divided into conductive oxidation and anodized, generally, the anodized oxide film is thicker, so it is better in insulation, while the conductive oxide film is thinner, so it is also better in conductivity. However, the injection of plastic CNC machining fixed value is much simpler. At present, many Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers cannot afford expensive injection equipment due to their limited strength, our factory has invested a lot of financial and material resources in fuel injection, not only employing a third-party CTO as the technical director, but also setting up a clean workshop, in order to be more stable in quality when injecting oil.
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