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What are the errors in CNC machining?

by:QY Precision      2020-04-06
For hardware processing plants, CNC machining is a relatively complicated process, which can be very precise and there will be some errors in the machining process. Therefore, in the process of understanding CNC machining, error is also the key to our CNC machining. CNC machining has high automation, good precision and high working efficiency, but it does not avoid some errors in CNC machining, so we must understand the existence of these errors. Error 1: machining principle error the principle error of CNC machining is due to the error caused by the use of similar machining motion or similar tool contour, because there is an error in the machining principle, therefore, it is called processing principle error. As long as the principle error is within the allowable range, this processing method is still feasible. Error 2: the geometric error of the machine tool the manufacturing error, installation error and wear during use of the machine tool directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Among them are mainly the rotation movement of the main shaft of the machine tool, the linear movement of the machine tool guide rail and the error of the machine tool transmission chain. Error 3: Tool manufacturing error and wear CNC machining tool manufacturing error, installation error and wear during use all affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. During the cutting process of the tool, the cutting edge and the tool surface have strong friction with the workpiece and chips, causing the tool to wear out. When the tool wear reaches a certain value, the surface roughness value of the workpiece increases, and the chip color and shape change, accompanied by vibration. Tool Wear will directly affect cutting productivity, machining quality and cost. Error 4: fixture error the fixture error of CNC machining includes positioning error, clamping error, fixture installation error and tool error. These errors are mainly related to the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the fixture. CNC machining accuracy cannot be perfect, as long as the error is controlled within a certain range, it is insignificant. Tool Manufacturing error and wear. Nowadays, CNC machining centers and CNC trucks, milling and grinding machines are widely used in the mechanical processing industry. For friends or beginners who purchase machine tools, the errors in CNC are not professional enough. Pay attention to Shenzhen CNC machining or Shenzhen hardware processing factory 【Shenzhen fuchengxi Technology]Learn more about CNC machining.
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