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What are the characteristics of precision parts processing?

by:QY Precision      2020-03-18
When it comes to precision parts, in the field of CNC machining, the precision must be high and exquisite to reflect the processing level and quality. At the same time, this precision part, which has been processed with high precision by CNC, is loved by customers in all major industries. Generally speaking, precision parts processing and CNC machining have incomparable characteristics and advantages. The quality of products processed by these technologies is usually very high, so let's talk about the characteristics of precision parts processing today. 1. First of all, the production efficiency of precision parts processing is higher. CNC parts processing can process multiple surfaces at the same time. Compared with ordinary lathe processing, it can save many processes and save time, moreover, the quality of parts processed by numerical control is much more stable than that of ordinary lathes. 2. Precision parts processing plays an irreplaceable role in the development of new products. Generally speaking, parts with different complexity can be processed through programming, however, the modification and updating of the design only need to change the lathe program, which can greatly shorten the product development cycle. 3. The automation of precision parts processing is very sufficient, which greatly reduces the physical labor intensity of workers. Workers do not need to control the whole process like ordinary lathes during the processing, mainly to observe and supervise the lathe. However, the technical content of the corresponding numerical control machining is higher than that of ordinary lathes, so it requires higher mental work than ordinary lathes. 4. The initial investment is larger than that of ordinary lathes, because the price of CNC lathes is very high, and its maintenance cost and the first repair period of processing are long. More precision parts processing features are welcome to consult online or contribute actively. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturer fuchengxi technology will present more news and articles about CNC machining and precision parts processing from time to time.
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