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What are the applications of cnc lathe machining in the automotive manufacturing industry?

by:QY Precision      2020-04-12
According to the current production situation of the automobile manufacturing industry, the demand for cnc lathe processing is uninterrupted. But what application does our cnc lathe processing play in the automotive manufacturing industry? Let's take a look! First of all, let's first understand the classification and characteristics of cnc lathe processing. There are many kinds of cnc lathe processing: 1. From a large category, there are special cnc lathes and general cnc lathes; 2. From the processing varieties, there are cnc lathe machining, cnc milling machine machining center, cnc lathe, turning center, Cam cnc Grinding Machine, etc; 3. From the control requirements of cnc lathe machining, there are single-axis cnc belt polishing machine, five-linked cnc gear cutting machine and cnc broaching machine; 4. From the complexity of control, there are simple numerical control and multi-channel numerical control; 5. In terms of driving mode, there are stepping motors, DC servo motors, AC synchronous servo motors, AC asynchronous servo motors and linear motors; 6. From the spindle driving mode, there are DC spindle motors, AC spindle motors, and AC spindle motors; 7. From the position feedback mode, there are full closed-loop feedback, semi-closed-loop feedback, open-loop control and so on. About the application of cnc lathe processing in the automotive manufacturing industry, the good flexibility of cnc lathe processing. High adjustment and high processing precision have long been concerned by automobile manufacturers. They began to enter the field of parts production in the automobile manufacturing industry in 1960s. Due to its high cost, unsatisfactory system function and efficiency, it has not been widely used. Entering 1990s, with the intensification of market competition, multi-variety production will meet the diversified needs of the market to the maximum extent until the needs of every CNC lathe processing user are met, as the goal pursued by automobile manufacturers, flexible manufacturing units with numerical control machine tools as the main body have been widely used. High-speed cnc lathe machining achieves high efficiency with high speed. The current international level is spindle speed ≤ 25000 rpm, acceleration and deceleration ≤2. 5g, fast moving ≤ 160 m/min, to reach this new level, the driving, mechanical transmission, mechanical structure and cutting tools of CNC machine tools must be greatly improved. The main shaft of the machine tool must use an electric spindle. The main bearing generally uses ceramic bearings. The difficulty is cooling and lubrication. The service life is generally 20,000 h. Driving generally adopts linear motor plus linear guide rail (Also useful static pressure Guide) , 90 m/min, 1g machine tools are also driven by double servo motors with large pitch double ball screw pre-tensioning scheme. The mechanical structure generally adopts a frame box structure. The tool adopts high hardness and high heat resistance tool, and the tool handle adopts HSK pair handle. In today's automobile manufacturing industry, the development cycle of new products is shortening and the cost is decreasing. Some data show that automobile products that needed a four-year development cycle ten years ago; It takes only two years to complete today. In addition to the advanced development technologies such as advanced new product development methods, virtual manufacturing and synchronous engineering adopted by automobile manufacturing manufacturers, it is very important to benefit from the efforts of equipment suppliers who provide manufacturing equipment for automobile manufacturing, especially these equipment suppliers provide various CNC lathes, these cnc lathes allow automakers to deliver products that meet market demand as quickly as possible.
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