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What are the application characteristics of CNC machining?

by:QY Precision      2020-04-15
The application of CNC machining has become increasingly extensive, how to'Manage, use and maintain well' CNC lathes have become an important problem to be solved urgently. The use of CNC machining is not a simple use of equipment, but an application project with strong attributes. Only scientific management, fully understanding the characteristics of CNC machining, and coordinating the balance of each production link can truly play its application. The reason why CNC machining can be applied to major industries for so long is mainly because CNC machining has the following characteristics: Feature 1: high degree of automation can reduce the physical labor intensity of operators. The CNC lathe machining process is automatically completed according to the input program. The operator only needs to start the tool, loading and unloading parts, and replace the tool. During the machining process, the lathe operation is mainly observed and supervised. However, due to the high technical content of CNC lathes, the mental work of operators is correspondingly improved. Feature 2: CNC lathe machining parts have high precision and stable quality. The positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the CNC lathe are very high, and it is easier to ensure the consistency of the size of a batch of parts, as long as the process design and program are correct and reasonable, plus careful operation, it can ensure high machining accuracy of parts and facilitate quality control of CNC lathe machining process. Feature 3: CNC lathe has high production efficiency. CNC lathe machining can process multiple machining surfaces in the clamping again. Generally, only the first piece is detected, so many intermediate processes can be processed in the province, such as scribing, size detection, etc. , reduce the auxiliary time, and because the quality of the parts processed by CNC lathes is stable, it brings convenience to the subsequent processes, and its comprehensive efficiency is significantly improved. Feature 4: CNC lathe processing is convenient for new product development and modification. CNC lathe machining generally does not require a lot of complicated process equipment. By compiling the machining program, parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements can be processed. When the product is modified and the design is changed, just change the program without redesigning the tooling. Therefore, CNC lathe machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle and provide a shortcut for the development of new products, product improvement and modification. Feature 5: CNC lathe processing can develop to a more advanced manufacturing system. CNC lathe machining and machining technology are the basis of computer-aided manufacturing. Feature 6: The initial investment in CNC lathe processing is large. This is due to the high cost of CNC lathe processing equipment, the long preparation period for the first processing, and the high maintenance cost. Feature 7: CNC lathe processing and maintenance requirements are high. CNC lathe is a typical CNC lathe processing product with technology-intensive Mechatronics. It requires maintenance personnel to understand both machinery and microelectronics maintenance, and also to be equipped with better maintenance equipment. The application of CNC Machining requires not only the careful use of operators, but also scientific management. Perfect management system and scientific production mode are effective means to improve production efficiency.
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