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WESTEC 2008 preview: the WESTEC show returns to the West Coast for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers\' annual display in Los Angeles.

by:QY Precision      2019-12-20
From March 31-4 to 3, 600 exhibitors are expected to exhibit the latest technology in machine tools, metal processing and advanced manufacturing at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
New people at the show will be back. to-
Demonstration of basic workshop and basic machining and milling, creating more paths in manufacturing to provide qualified manufacturing professionals. [
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The following will be a forum on comparative technology.
Comparison of advantages of grinding and machining technologies
Water spray compared to laser, EDM, wet machining or MQL;
Compared with manufacturing.
All participants will attend meetings focused on business solutions for free.
Business management strategy--
Solutions for Small and medium-sized enterprises cover a range of topics from financing to lean principles.
Optimize the NC program of VERICUT 6.
Let the manufacturing engineer develop, analyze, inspect and record the CNC programming and machining process.
The application eliminates manual proof-Output NC program
Reduce scrap losses and rework.
To save time and produce a higher quality surface finish, the program also optimizes the NC program.
The software simulates all types of CNC machine tools, including from leading manufacturers such as Mazak, Makino, Songpu, Hermes, DMG, DIXI, MoriSeiki and Chiron
It runs independently but can also be integrated with leading CAM systems such as Catia V5, Unigraphics, Pro/E, MasterCAM, EdgeCAM, and Gibs CAM.
CGTech, Booth 2628 [
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160 for more information on 87,000 psi water jet cutting, the integrated flight Bridge and the WMC2 Water Jet Machine combine psi water jet cutting.
Ultra-high voltage technology can achieve faster and higher cost
Effective cutting, lower part cost, higher output.
Compared to the operation of 60,000 psi, its cutting speed is 50% faster, the cost of parts is 30% lower, and the grinding use is reduced by 30 to 50%.
International Logistics Company, Booth 3350 [
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161 for more information digital readings and ND 500 mid-
Digital reading-
The Out system is coupled with the LSlinear scale.
There are two kinds of it. or three-
The shaft version with an LCD screen provides many standard features for milling and rotating applications.
TS444 batteries will also be on display at the company\'s booth --
Free probe built in
In air turbine generators and capacitors that use the same air burst to clean the parts to charge the probe.
TS 740 probe [
Less than or equal to]1[micro]
Accuracy and repeatability [
Less than or equal to]0. 25[micro]
M, will also be on display.
Hayden haven, Booth 2612 [
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For more information, see metal-162
Double-column cutting band saw model DC-
Double column metal cutting tape 310NC II-
Will be introduced at the exhibition. It has a 1-
1/4 \"blade and 5 hp ACinverter belt drive system with speeds ranging from 50 fpm to 400 fpm for cutting materials, 12\" wheels in diameter and 12 \"x 12\" rectangles\"
Saw has a floating style index component with automatic multiple-
Tilt to the right or to the left on the roller-
Stylish bed for curved stock.
The double-column saw head is supported in a linear way.
It provides a split
Front vise assembly with full style-
Fixing the workpiece to the travel cylinder on both sides of the blade. A work-
The height sensor detects the material height used to quickly approach the head and minimize the upward stroke of the head.
DoALL saw products in North America, Booth 4344 【
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163 for more information on the combination of water spray and pneumatic drill, high rail gantry water spray has an iP60-50 ultra-
High pressure booster pump and self
Feeding pneumatic drill bits capable of producing complex parts with almost any material.
It has an overhead design with full access to the work envelope, and presents key components from the process environment. It uses high-volume,low-
Pressure air around ball screws and linear motion rails and bearings increases durability by preventing contamination from entering these areas.
There\'s a seaplane [+ or -]0.
005 \"motion accuracy on the entire work envelope ,[+ or -]0.
001 linear position accuracy of \"more than 12 per axis travel\", and [+ or-]0.
001 \"repetitive bi-directional.
It is provided in 2\' increments.
Custom size available. Jet Edge, Inc. , Booth 4112 [
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172 for more information, please use a \"smarter\" machine with a smaller footprint. Hyper Quadrex 150 MSY is a new generation
My mission.
The 150 machining center has smaller footprint and smarter features than previous models, and has designed a formula for cylindrical and prism parts completed from barstock.
It is designed for highvolume, done-in-
From the bar stock to 2, produce turnedand process the workpiece once. Diameter 56 \".
It has two horizontal pair spindle for turning and C-
Axiscontrol, plus two full-
Functional tool turret with milling capability.
12 VDI additions per turret-
Type tools, including 7.
5 hp, 6,000 rpm live spindle for milling, drilling and tapping operations. Mazak Corp. , Booth 2900 [
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170 for more information, there will be 2 \"deep two hole making products for portable Mag drill bits, as well as a range of portable devices and a range of ring cutters
Make on site or work in a working machine shop
For machining in a fixed machine, the parts are large, heavy or too clumsy.
Model hmd904s rotary base portable magnetic drill bit with drill body/magnetic base coupling providing spindle motionpivoting1-1/8\" side-to-
Side Slip and Slide 1-3/8\" forfront-to-
The magnet returns to travel after engagement.
HMD904S weighs 30.
5 lb and offers drilling capacity of 1-1
Diameter 1/2, depth 2.
Carbide will also be displayed-
Tilt Holcutter Sheet metal cutters with diameter sizes from 11/16 \"to 3.
Thick root manufacturing, Booth 2720 【
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167 for more information, the grip of the hydraulic fixture is up to 5,000
The activation fixture has a top or bottom flange style with a singleor double-acting actions.
Any style can be varied.
Install with #2 SAE port or can be installed normally through two #4 SAE ports.
Available in three sizes, the clamping capacity ranges from 1,100 to 5,000.
Piston rotation 90 [degrees]
Located on the right side in its standard configuration, but can be ordered with 90 [degrees]
Left or no rotation.
The clip can be used through a straight-through hole bottom bracket or a roof bracket. Non-
The threaded body simplifies installation. Jergens, Inc. , Booth 4001 [
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168 learn more including steel sleeve, bellows, wiper system, roller-
The program will provide the audience with ups and apron covers as well as chip delivery systems.
The manufacturer has eight service centers in North America and is able to provide the same service
Repair diagnosis of damaged steel cover and daily turnover of cost estimation.
The company provides repair and refurbishment services for its own and other ways of covering.
The company\'s chip conveyor belt series includes chip disc filters and cast iron CDF designed to capture cast iron powder. Hennig, Inc. , Booth 5628 [
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The 190 more information software version will preview the GIBS Cam 2008 at the show.
This version introduces the functions of the entire product range, as well as 3-
Supports shaft milling for high speed machining.
Some improvements, including the virtuallyunlimited restore/reverse function;
Multi-viewport display function;
Tool Path; tool traversal; visualization;
Hidden line tool path display; pre-
Select highlight display;
Extended Display Color Management;
And advanced 3D, high
Rapid machining of solid surfaces.
Gibbs Andros from Booth 3268
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164 learn more about horizontal milling machine features expanded EC-
630PP HMC expands the production capacity of the company\'s EC series horizontal machining center.
One more, six more.
HMC\'s station tray pool brings lights-
Capacity for small machiningand medium-
Large manufacturers and production stores.
Designed for high
Batch production and unattended operation of EC-
630PP has 40 \"x 33\" x 35 \"work packages and 50-taper geared-
Head spindle, 6-
Station tray pool with 630 pallet and a 1 [degrees]pallet indexer.
The device is equipped with 72-pocket side-
Large installation tool changer
Large Capacity coolant tank and high
Capacity belt conveyor for chip removal.
Haas Automation, Pavilion 3200 [
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165 learn more
The PC-based cutting fluid is a renewable resource and is a combination of vegetables and polarized cutting technology lubrication that are delivered directly to the tool/workpiece interface.
In addition to lubricating the tool, polar cutting technology also lubricate the workpiece/chip removal area.
Isbio PC series-
A renewable vegetable oil used in alloys, titanium and other rare materials.
Lubricating Oil has very high flash point technology.
Hangsterfer laboratory, Booth 3849 [1 [
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166 information on hole control for more information with operator SV-
1015 series vertical CNC honing grinding system with integrated inflatable system, matching with Diamond
Gold plated Federation of Trade Unions Krossgrinding toolsor Mt TurboHone more
The size of the hole can be controlled with an accuracy of 0. 25[micro]
Working in the asize range of 0 without operator intervention. 120\" to 2. Diameter 56 \".
Shutdown provided by machine-
Circular control of tool size and downloadable SPC data for automation, high
Cpk production of medium and large small engines, hydraulic valves/mechanisms, fuel spray nozzles, gears, compressor components, turbochargers housing and barrel.
Songnen Products Co. , Ltd. , Booth 2916 [
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187 learn more, Digital Elite series automatically when dark comes
The welding helmet provides a helmet for welding, cutting and grinding.
Based on the features of the Elite Series helmet, the digital elite series is in welding, cutting, grinding and X-
Pattern while retaining a preference for shadows, sensitivity, and delay. The X-
Mode to eliminate the interference of the Sun and the outside worldof-
Position the welding angle, such as the angle found in the pipe welding, or the angle found in the obstacle or hiddencavity welds.
Electrical Manufacturing of Miller. Co. , Booth 4161 [
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176 more information about small parts working to maintain the system, QwikStack is designed to be high-
Density, small artifacts connected directly to the Chick system 5 1550 QwikLoks and MultiLoks.
This also creates a tray-
As unitis is removed in seconds, a change system that allows a seamless transition between jobs.
QwikStack can be installed to vmc \'st-
Table slotted using toe fixture.
Up to 10 2 \"QwikLoks can be placed horizontally, creating 20 small-
Parts clamping stations or sixQwikLoks can be installed vertically to increase the versatility of qwikstack.
Qike Work Solutions Co. , Ltd. , Booth 4423 [
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185 how high is it to learn more?
This will tell the Digimar 817 CLM height meter to provide three ways to start the measurement.
In addition to keyboard start-up, the fast mode function also starts the measurement cycle by pushing the slide frame in the direction of the object to be measured.
In addition, the two speed key operators on baselet move the measuring bracket to the desired position and start the measurement.
Combined teaching-
In mode, these functions can reduce the inspection time of the mini series consisting of only a few test pieces.
Mahr Federal, Booth 2416 [
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175 learn more
Prodigy GT-turret tool
Standard C-27 steel tool lathe-
Shaft spindle, polymer base and precision parts for accurate small part rotation.
The design nature of the Post tool lathe, in which case no turret can eliminate the change of the tool, thus shortening the cycle time and the spindle speed up to 6,000 rpm.
It uses three motion axes that can be commanded in absolute or incremental mode. The C-
The axis spindle can be indexed and positioned, and interpolation and coordinate milling can also be performed.
SNK, Booth 3544 【
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184 for more information, we inserted the mini groove\'n TURN, which is an insert line for customers who need to use a narrow insert width for grooves and turns in small holes.
The offset insert design allows slotting or turning to the shoulder.
Tool holder clamping geometry and built-in-
Anti-slip and rotation during axial or radial cutting, and allows the user to rotate, rotate, and profile.
The tool holder starts with the smallest hole 0.
325 \", size 1/4\", 3/8 \", 1/2\" and 5/8 \", steel, heavy metal and hard alloy straight and 90 [degrees]
Insert the presentation.
The same blade can be used for internal slotting, face slotting, profiling or drilling.
Plug-ins with groove width size 0 are available. 004\" to 0. 125\" in0.
001 \"increases with the increase of the tip or corner radius.
There are two children inserted
Micron grade cemented carbide: DM-
2 steel and intermittent cutting, DM-
5 aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys. Kaiser Tool Co. , Inc. , Booth 3557 [
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186-more information-
Axis VMCThe JobShop cell is a comprehensive production cell combined with the hair month of the aRoboDrill vertical processing center-
Shaft robot for automatic loading and unloading.
It can handle almost any part that can be mounted on a 6 \"vise or Chuck.
It is equipped with entry and exit conveyor belts and guards.
The heart of the cell, the car-duty-
RatedFANUC RoboDrill vertical machining center, available for one month-tool--or optional 21-tool--toolchanger.
It also provides a torque of 56 feet.
Lb, with a rigid tap to 5,000 rpm, with an optional speed of 8,000 rpm at X-, Y-, and Z-axes to 1.
5g, fast crossing to 2,125 ipm, feed speed to 1,181 ipm, high level
Quick reverse tapping, thread milling, 1,000 registrable program and 54 work offsets.
Booth 3032 [machine tool method]
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183 for more information on the part programming combo Mastercam, several items will be presented at the trade show. Feature-
Evaluate parts and program bags, profiles, jugs, and drilling programs with minimal user input based on machining.
Mastercam forSolidWorks is an integrated CAM system running in SolidWorks.
SolidWorks Users Can Now program their parts directly in SolidWorks works using Mastercam\'s toolpath and machining strategy.
The latest release of the demo CAM package X2MR2, which features a layered milling tool path, moving the tool in and layering the \"peel off\" material;
The operation manager pane, which floats to different areas of the graphics window or on a separate screen when using a dual display;
The create boundary function, which extends create path boundary to limit the toolpath to a specific area;
Support nested optimization of common edges;
And other features.
China Software Co. , Ltd. , Booth 3258 [
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174-more information-
The VMX42SR design has a rotary head and a horizontal rotary table to meet the requirements of 5-
Shaft machining without occupying the same floor area as other systems.
In addition to the small footprint, it also includes a version of WinMax control software designed to simplify complex, multiplesided parts.
VMX42SR provides part accuracy through digital drives, larger ball screws, larger linear guides, and heavier servo drives with the following specifications: X-, Y-, andZ-
42 axis travel of \"x 24;
The maximum weight is 100;
The maximum speed of the spindle is 12,000 rpm;
Peak of 48 hp spindle motor;
87 ft-maximum spindle motor torqueLb at 2,900 rpm;
Standard number of tools--40 CAT 40;
[Positioning]+ or -]0. 0002\";
Can be repeated]+ or -]0. 0001\";
The weight of the machine is 16,640.
Hull Co. , Booth 2500 [
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177 for more information on cutting, drilling and milling on a trolley bed, TNW-
The 3500R automatic lathe provides turn-milling operation on one machine.
It features double ingot, gantryrobot and reclining bed.
A live tool turret performs a secondary operation through a tool motor with a rated power of 3/5 HP.
It features a gantry loader with a 22-pound capacity and a twin 10 tool turret. Its A2-
Use the a15/20 hp spindle motor to rotate 6 spindles with a maximum speed of 4,200 rpm.
The operator consists of 12 stations, a chip conveyor and a set of turret brackets.
It is equipped with a hair section 310i-A CNC Control.
The recommended Gantry robot working size of TNW3500R is 7. 5\" x 4\".
Tomachi, USA, Booth 2950 [
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178 for more information-by-
According to the manufacturer, step provides the ShopMill and ShopTurn packages for speed updates, allowing job shop to achieve higher productivity and faster speed.
Featuring stepby-step, on-
Screen programming, stores can respond to customer needs by reducing programming, tools, and production time.
The SINUMERIK 802D solution series CNC is an operation panel-
Based on the control system, numerical control, programmable logic controller and human-machine interface are combined in one unit.
It has 5-axis machining--
Two of them could be spindles--
And for low solutionsand medium-
Range milling and car processing market.
Siemens Energy and Automation Co. , Ltd. , Booth 3639 [
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182 for more information about EDM with 3D analysis, Mitsubishi FA10 advanced line EDM has M700 series controls. The Windows-
The system based on the 15-inch LCD touch screen provides menu configuration for navigation.
With 3D adaptive EDM control, the machine tool can analyze 3D data and identify shape features to eliminate transition lines in the stepped workpiece area.
Booth 3532 [MC mechanical system]
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171 for more information on the performance upgrade, GX 1000 performance vertical machining center is based on the bridge P3-
VMC series platform with performance upgrade function can meet the growing demand of the gold industry.
It is characterized by stiffness and heat
Stable spindle, rigid C
Frame fixed column design and fixed column
Double Zhang FA
Nut ballscrews on all shafts. The heavy-
The Duty guide and truck configuration provide additional stiffness, damping and surface contact area.
The machine is equipped with three rails and five rail trucks on X-and Y-
Shaft, Z-two rails and six rails onaxis. The 24-tool side-mount/swing-
The Arm automatic replacement tool has random access, two-way indexing, and 2. 5-secondtool-to-
Tool change time
Bridgeport, member of Harding group, Booth 3316 [1 [
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180 for more information, the spindle goes beyond the \"plug and play\" HFK 95 S40 high-
In most vertical or horizontal machining centers, the speed spindle is designed to be easy to install.
The rated power of the spindle is 4 horsepower and the peak power is 2.
6 hp works continuously, providing speeds up to 42,000 rpm, infinitely variable.
In addition, ondisplay will be high with a diameter of 20mm and 22mm-speed--
Up to 100,000 rpm--
Milling and drilling spindle.
Witte vacuum work will also be displayed-
Hold Chuck, pump and accessories.
IBAG North America, Booth2140 [
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192 for more information, see Worm 5 ax-for reduced friction-
The carbide worm system of the 200II CNC turntable uses the bide worm screw and the ion-nitrogen worm wheel, instead of the traditional bronze or bronze alloy drive mechanism.
According to the manufacturer, the result is a reduction of 8 times in friction and wear.
This reduces the backlash compared to the standard bronze gear.
The worm screw is made of V-which is not very brittle-
The graded form of the hard alloy, while the turbine gear is ionized to a depth of 0.
Surface hardness 68 [1 MM]R. sub. c].
These properties, as well as asa steel road hardening up to 60 [R. sub. c]
Enhance the rigidity and life of the system.
Considering the five-sided machining of the workpiece, the5AX-
200II has applied for medical and aerospace 5-axis work.
It has drop and clamping torque of 588/490 Nm.
The Faceplatemaximum workload is 176 lbs. Lyndex-Nikken Inc. , Booth 2616 [
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179 for more information on the treatment of difficult materials by the thread mill, a series of micro-integrated carbide thread mills are designed to be stainless steel, titanium, K-
Monel, Harth alloy and inknell.
The production line is suitable for applications in the medical, aerospace, defense and computer industries.
Thread Mills in both-flute andthree-
Flute version, the latter is designed for highvolume output.
Miniature threaded Mills with external functions
The supplied coolant eliminates the need for threads
This will not pollute parts and reservoirs.
The total length of the thread mill is 1-
5/8 \"the diameter of the handle is 1/8 \".
This line includes thread size of #0-80, #2-56, #4-40, #5-40, #6-32, and #8-
32, while the cutting diameter is from 0. 045\" to 0. 124\".
Thread length range from 0. 125\" to 0. 328\". Emuge Corp. , Booth 4233 [
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188 for more information on VMC, see Johnford SV-
48 H vertical machining center has 48 \"x 28\" x 25 \"trips in X-direction, Y-, and Z-axes;
20 hpspindle with twospeed gearbox;
Four square boxes on Yaxis;
Stable cutting on large, fully supported, zero-hanging tables;
The torrent of 944 ipm.
It is designed for heavy cutting applications.
The machine is characterized by four squares.
Shaft box mode and a large fully supported table with zero prominence.
It has a mating Turkey.
B surface, a 3.
The spindle adopts five bearings.
Absolution temachine, Inc. , Booth 3250 [
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More information 191 No G-
The Mida wireless intuitive detection system is used in the HaasAutomation CNC machining center and has the code experience required for the detection system.
Detection System kit that can be used as a factory-
Installation options including spindle probe and wireless contact tool
Set the setter of tool length and diameter.
Control includes step-by-
Guide the operator to complete the step description of the detection process. No G-
Must have experience in code programming.
Once the information is entered, the loop start button performs the probe.
Probe cycles can be saved in memory and called when needed.
Available detection cycles include calibration cycles for touch probes, hole and boss measurements, network and pocket measurements, single surface measurements, internal and external angle measurements, and for Central cutting tools and with insert cuttersMarposs Corp. , Booth 2519 [
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173 for more information about the combination of touch probes, the RMP600 touch probe combines two techniques: Strain-
Gagesensing, frequency-hopping spread-
Radio spectrum transmission.
Design allowed part
5-check accuracy
Shaft machining, profile, deep cavity and cut-outs where obstacles or part features can be transmitted through optical linesof-sight probes.
Product structure, design, strong-
National Electronics, interference
Free signal transmission on wireless network
Noisy plant floor with wireless network
Fi communication.
Allow points using RENGAGE strain measurement technology
Micron-level 3D probe performance on the profile surface, even long needles are no exception.
Directional repeatable of0. 25[micro]
M with 50mm long stylus and 0. 35[micro]
100 mmstylus.
200mm is recommended for styli.
Renishaw, Booth 4016 [
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169 learn more about mini cutting machineburring The C-
The compact design of the Cutter Mini reduces the cutting diameter to a minimum, helping to achieve ultra-
High spindle speed. The high-
More feed chamfer grinding
Features cutting, including chamfer, face milling.
Its high speed chamfer feature reduces manual chamfer
Burrs and face milling can be done using 45 [degrees]
Chamfer type of 0.
394 \"squareinsert. The C-
The cutter Mini has single and four insertsinsertdesigns.
The design of single insert page adopts 0.
197 \"square blade with four cutting edges for smaller 45 [degrees]
30 [chamfer and slightly larger inserts]degrees]and 60[degrees]
Big Kaiser precision tools, Booth 2632 [
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193 Grace CAM software version CAMWorks 2008 offers a set of strategies for more than 50 performance enhancements, user interface improvements, and processing requirements.
These include improved speed and reliability of tool paths
Axis operations for display and navigation, improved simulation speed and quality, and user interface options.
Tool Path policies and controls have been implemented for 2-to 5-
Shaft milling, turn milling and line EDM machining in order to improve the quality and reduce the processing time.
3-enhancements in
Shaft milling includes: Z-
Horizontal combined tool path options for constant step strategies in shallow slope areas and additional control over pencil milling.
Geometric Technology Co. , Ltd. ,Booth S-3574 Visit www. rsleads. com/803mn-
194 for more information on magazine feeders of different diameters, the Genius 120 magazine feeder will run on the Star SR20CNC automatic trolley bed at the trade show.
The fluid dynamics guide channel system of the device allows to change the guide diameter by changing the leading direction segment.
The bar pusher is included in the tube fixed to the wall on the rear rail.
The inner diameter of the tube variable depends on the putter it contains, while its external diameter remains the same.
When changing the guide diameter, this is no longer necessary to replace the rear Guide part of the barfeeder.
IEMCA, Booth 3500, Buqi industries, USA [
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181 for more information on the 24,000 rpm work to keep the downspin adapter rotating, the tool clamping products from Jacob antlebristnik will be on display, including the power clamping nut and the hydraulic-
Mechanical spring clamping system. The OTT-
The maximum spindle speed of the Jakob GDR rotary joint is 24,000 rpm and the maximum coolant pressure is 80 bar.
In addition, a small rotary joint with a maximum spindle speed of 75,000 rpm and a coolant pressure of 80 bar will be displayed.
It features mixed bearings, high balance design
Speed rotation of external mixing, closed sealing surface and minimum volume lubrication.
Advanced Machine & Engineering Company, Booth 5630 [
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