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Westec 2007 features nearly 600 exhibitors: the annual show is the Shangri-La of metalworking and takes place in Los Angeles.

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The WESTEC Expo and the 2007 meeting provide attendees with the opportunity to visit nearly 600 exhibitors at the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 26-3.
Exhibitors cover advanced machine tools, tools and accessories, manufacturing technology applications and solutions, emerging technologies and other commercial resources. [
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The performance is Monday, March 26. m. to 5 p. m.
* Tuesday, March 27m. to 6 p. m.
* Wednesday, March 28m. to 6 p. m.
* Thursday, March 29, 10m. to 3 p. m.
The Kentia Hall exhibition is open and closed an hour ago, except Monday, March 27, at 9: 00. m. to 5:00 p. m.
Plant tourism and conferences held this year in WESTEC are plant tourism and conferences.
Tours and meetings provide an opportunity to learn about technology and view apps or processes in action.
Each session runs from 9a. m. to 3:30 p. m.
7 packages can be provided: * Package 1 design scheme--The Boeing Co.
* Pack 2 lean people side--
Northrop Grumman company
* Package 3 standard work Development--
Robinson Helicopter
* Package 4 laser--
Amada, USA
* 5 pack reverse engineering and 3D scanning * 6 pack composite processing--
Northrop Grumman company
* Package 7 labor and professional development conference technology war comparison process matching is a comparison of machine processes because technology competes with each other in terms of accuracy, cost effectiveness and ability to manufacture the same parts.
This is an opportunity to present difficult questions to experts in an objective atmosphere.
The competition includes * grinding.
Processing * electric spark war.
Water spray * wet processing. MQL* Lasers vs.
WESTEC is also the venue for the annual meeting of the Association of Manufacturing Engineers.
Including the leadership luncheon and the awards party.
SME members and leaders can participate in the administrative review of the society and its 2006 audited financial results.
The luncheon also commended the outstanding achievements of several young Manufacturing Engineers.
Tickets are $35 per person.
On March 26, an international awards party for small and medium-sized enterprises was held at the Los Angeles hotel in omelos.
The event celebrated the 75 th anniversary of the establishment of SMEs and commended manufacturing leaders.
Compact laser cutting machine handle standard
ByVention laser with compact size material-
Standard cutting system
Size material up to 5\'x10 \'.
Compact size leads to short laser paths suitable for high beams
Precision cutting.
Thanks to the integrated security system, the operating area is accessible through the photoelectric barrier.
The manufacturer of ByVention also showed its Byjetwaterjet-cutting system. Bystronic Inc. [
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224 or 224 laps for more information, please go directly to Booth #3616-
Direct drive motor reduces footprintDrive Super-
There is no gearbox or worm in AtWESTEC\'s precision rotation systemgear drives.
They use it directly. drive,rare-
Permanent Earth
Magnet torque motor around the spindle.
This eliminates Independent Motor expansion with a small footprint.
Encoder [+ or -]0. 77-
Second resolution of Arc and [+ or -]2. 19-
Arc second precision, mounted directly on the spindle for precise positioning.
Cross roller bearings can be used to maintain rigidity and high load.
The bearing is permanently lubricated and there is no brush for smooth and quiet operation. Hardinge Inc.
Work Department [
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For more information on 221 or Circle 221, see Booth #2700 ER Collet Systems for two-level accuracy. The ER collet system is suitable for various mechanical applications such as drilling, milling, drilling and grinding.
There are two levels of accuracy--
Standard and superprecision--
Standard size and Rice size.
They clip from 0 to the tool handle. 0079\" to 1. 3386\". Rego-Fix www. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 222 or 222 laps, see Booth #2428 Air-
The drive spindle for machining center has a power spindle of 80,000 rpm, air-
It is reported that the drive tool forming center improves the surface finish and reduces wear and tear at high fit
Fast spindle to extend tool life.
It also eliminates the expensive, high
If used as an additional spindle for a common machining center, speed up the machine.
The spindle minimizes the Z-axis.
It stays the same when less than 0.
001mm, up to 0 compared with the standard machining center spindle. 012-Mm displacement.
Big Kaiser precision tools[
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For more information, see 223 or Circle 223 in Booth #2632 software tools with a focus on the processing process Vericut 6.
The CNC machine tool simulation, verification and optimization software has more tools to analyze the machining process.
This includes NC program review with review mode, which allows the user to navigate backwards from the last NC program line of the simulation.
The logger displays messages in the scroll list that can be organized by categories and automatically
For rough machining that should leave a specific minimum amount of material for later processing, the Diff constant gouge check can be used.
In addition, multiple inserted car knives are now supported, including the definition of multiple insertsdriven points.
Before the forecast starts, check if there is a valid turn direction for the position of each insert. CG Tech [
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For more information on 225 or 225 laps, see \"check, sharpen tools in continuous process\" XPS-in Booth #2628-
16 DL is automatic four
In the continuous process, the length, diameter and network thickness of the drill bit are detected, and then the shaft drill knife is polished.
The deluxe version features multiple wheels, cabinets with storage capacity, free shipping, and one day, in-
Website setup and user training. Darex [
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226 or 226 laps for more information, in addition to the 2400 series horizontal handle hold, you can also see them in booth #2000 work hold and automation solutions
Compared to the traditional model, the manufacturer will display the Toggle-
Lock and manual fixture series, keep excessive
Center switching positions in applications where movement or vibration may occur, as well as RZA tables-
For high-
Speed application. De-Sta-Co www. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 227 or 227 laps, see them in Booth #4344 Open Architecture, which improves machine speed, accuracy. The advantage of 900 m CNC is fiber--100-Base-F--
Twisted pair cable--100-Base-T--formats.
It uses non-proprietary motion and control ring optics to improve the speed and accuracy of the machine tool-MACRO--ring.
900 combines the functions of the operating interface PC and uses real-time
Time DSP for processing CNC machine tools-related tasks.
It supports high
Speed Machining for non-traditional mechanical structures, positive and reverse motion, 5-
Shaft programming, precision screw, backlash and torque compensation.
Delta Tau data systemrsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 228 or Circle 228, see the improved roughing and finishing functions of Booth #4032. The latest version of PowerMILL CAM software will be presented on WESTECfeatures
Axis strategies for rough machining and finishing, such as generating five
Tool path from three axesaxis toolpaths.
The developers will also showcase the FeatureCAM 2007 with more automatic features, as well as faster, easier and flexible tool path creation and editing.
Parts manufacturer software for turning Mills and Switzerland-
The type lathe that has been added to the developer\'s product line will be displayed on a separate stand. Delcam [
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For more information on 229 or 229 laps, see Booth #3368 and 3275 half
Automatic Mitter saw for manufacturer230 DGSA semi-
Cut diameter up to 9 \"with automatic oblique saw, rectangular diameter up to 11\" x 6-1/2\" at 90[degrees].
Saw head turn 45 [:degrees]left and 60[degrees]right.
Saw has a casting.
Iron saw arm with rigidity and accuracy, rotating base and using saw rail with hard alloy blade.
There is also an adjustable hydraulic head Feed Control, double
Taperedbearings on the rotating bracket, quick manual-
Lock vise, built in-
In the coolantsystem.
DoALL saw products 【:
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For more information on 230 or 230 laps, see Booth 4316 site Center, which provides petroleum industry parts for the oil industry, CNC Perfetta bulllive modular, interchanging cones7/8\" to 23-5/8\" diameter.
The precision roller taper bear paw at the front of the cow nose allows Perfetta to hold together parts weighing up to 19,800 lbs.
To minimize friction, there is a ball bearing at the back of the precision roller tapered bearing that provides 6,600-lb thrust load.
These centers are made of chromium molybdenum and hardened to 62 [R. sub. C]
Precision ground for strength and durability.
DorianTool International [
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For more information on 231 or Circle 231, see Booth #3750 for extended vertical mill production line. The manufacturer\'s new mill project offers 65 stock products in more than 10 styles
Productivity of cutting tools.
They were produced from select sub.
Particulate carbide including hard cutting for construction and tool steel sto cast iron; S-Hard-
Hardened steel and cast iron for cutting processing; andN-
Cutting the cutting of buildings, alloys, tools and hardened steel, aluminum, alloys and synthetic materials.
These tools will be available later this year from 3/32 \"to 1\" in diameter. Emuge Corp. [
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For more information on 232 or Circle 232, see Booth #4233 software that increases the speed of data entry to a precise version of JobBOSS 10 for example, data can be entered quickly, whether it\'s a quote, an order, a shipper or an invoice.
This version also runs on workstations with Windows 2000 and XP.
Excel software www. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 233 or 233 laps, see Booth #3283 4-
Shaft vertical machining center FX series of various work packages three models-
The shaft vertical machining center, including the latest 4020FX, will be presented at WESTEC.
The size of the working envelope is the main difference between machines.
They are characterized by GE Fanuc 0i-
MC control and rigid box type structure.
The spindle offers 8,000 rpm, and the travel range ranges from 22 \"x 16\" x 20 \"of 2216FX to 40\" x 20 \"of 4020fx \".
Fardar processing center]
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234 or Circle 234 for more information, please see the WESTEC exhibition of Booth #3432 job hold and fixture to help this supplier, it includes a range of fixture systems as well as positioning, clamping, and exciting components from manufacturers in North America and around the world.
Products such as grip, rest pad, rotating/rotating rest pad, quick release ball
Roller and bumper for lock pin and fairway products.
The Kipp positioning assembly includes a spring piston, a rest and rise tube pad, a tension rod, and a torque handle.
Repair Project www. rsleads. com/703mn-
235 or Circle 235 for more information, see Booth #4019 add to turn Support updated GIBS Cam machine simulation options in simulation software add to turn, milling/turning and more
Task machine tools, because they are one of the fastest growing machine tools in the market.
This enhancement option complements the simulation function of the rendering process of the GIBS Cam cutting part, so the entire machine tool movement of the CNC program is verified in accurate simulation.
Gibbs and colleagues [
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For more information on 236 or 236 laps, see Booth #3268 level machining center Sports Two-
EC-speed gearbox
The 630 horizontal machining center is large-capacity,high-
Including efficient and smooth production machinesrunning,two-
Speed gearbox providing thermal stability.
It offers finished cutting up to 6,000 rpm and 450-
Lb torque for heavy material removal.
The Rapids are the text in 710.
For services, EC-
The 630 spindle, gearbox and motor is a modular unit that is easy to produce and install.
Its housing has a 40 \"x 33\" x 35 \"work area that can accommodate up to 39 parts.
The diameter and height are 4 \". There is ahigh-
Capacity belt conveyor with chip removal and 630-
Mm pallet, 2,640 lbs per pallet.
Haas Automationwww. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 238 or 238 laps, see Booth #3200Series multi-
The mission turn center is said to provide up to 25% of the torque and 24% of the speed than the hard turn Center.
SR 150, 200 and upcoming 250 use-
Working linear roller guide mounted to Harcrete-Strengthen casting
Iron frame to suppress vibration.
These platforms have also helped owners lower
Performance tooling expenditure of about 33%. The three-
Jawchuck and bar
Turning machine features 30-
Hp spindle, up to 270ft-
Torque pound, Harding/GE Fanuc I-
Multiple SR Series control
Axisfunctions and high quality
High speed milling capability and Fanuc manual boot image programming. Hardinge Inc. [
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For more information on 237 or 237 laps, see Booth #2700 dedicated 5-
Shaft C 20 U five for small and medium-sized parts-
Medium shaft machine tool is suitable for small and medium-sized applications.
The improved Gantry provides three straight axis in the tool and two rotary axes in the ear axis.
X/Y/Z travel 600mm x 450mm.
The speed of rapid crossing is 45 m/min.
The standard spindle has an aSK40 interface with a speed of 10,000 rpm.
A cnc rotary table 【+ or -]115[degrees]
And can accommodate 300 kg people.
It adjusts 320mm x 320mm at 400mm diameter and 400mm x at 400mm diameter.
A special pallet replacement device is automated to accommodate up to 160 kg and provides manual operation.
Hermes Machinery Co. , Ltd. [
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For more information on 239 or 239 Laps, see Booth #3316 Five-
The manufacturer\'s WESTEC display includes VMX42SRfive-
Shaft machine, TMM8 lathe, VM1 graphite VMC.
The Vmx42sr has small footprint, rotary head, turntable and WinMaxcontrol software modules that will be demonstrated.
There is a basic price in the middle
TMM8 is reported to be priced at $70,000, saving money for workshops that use small milling turns. It has a 4,800-
Rpm spindle and 8 \"threejaw chuck.
VM1G comes with 20,000-
Rpm spindle standard and a30000-
Rpm spindle is available.
It is surrounded by positive airflow that eliminates graphite dust.
Huake Company[
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For more information on 250 or 250 laps, see Booth #2500 extended groove milling replacement \"0\" in the HeliPlus hp adkt 1906 plug-in \".
728 \"long cut edgesand has a high spiral, positive front angle.
They apply low force to maintain a high surface finish along 0. 707\" shoulders.
They can replace the milling tool using the extended groove of the short blade.
There are three types to choose from, including one for finishing and a half
In addition to processing titanium and other high
Temperature alloy;
And one that handles aluminum.
Iscar metals[
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For more information on 251 or Circle 251, see Booth #2858 gantry water jet propulsion. The high-track gantry water jet propulsion system presented by WESTEC has a fixed overhead that can be used for the process of entry.
The mechanical parts are protected by the stainless steel housing, not the traditional bellows.
The accuracy of the gantry is 0. 005\" with 0.
001 \"repeatability on the working envelope.
It has 2 increments, from 4\'x4 \'to 24\' x14\' with custom sizes to choose from. Jet EdgeInc. www. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 252 or 252 laps, see Booth #5729 cost-
Effective welding unit eCell dual fixed table robot unit for low
Cost automation alternatives for labor-intensive arcwelding. It does MIG--
Short arc spray--
Fusion gas protection welding, Fusion gas protection weldingcorded welding.
The system handles steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
The main features of this welding unit are Power355 M, digital
350 amp controlled inverter using the manufacturer\'s ArcLink communication software.
The software makes the components of the system comparable to comparable simulations-based systems.
It is equipped with more than 60 factories
Programming Standard waveform.
ECell also includes the FanucArcMate 100iBe robot R-
J3iB controller, ArcTool software and torch protection software for CollisionGuard.
Lincoln Electric[
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For more information on 253 or 253 turns, see the high torque spindle a81 horizontal machining center at booth #3955 horizontal milling center with overall Drive, high torque spindle with higher torque than other similar spindle at low rpm.
It uses 50 horsepower, 2,000 to 5,000 rpm, and 744-lbof torque.
There is no corresponding loss in acceleration and deceleration.
The A81 can handle rough drilling in large diameter and surface treatment of tough and hard materials.
Including tools, carbon and stainless steel; titanium;
Nickel-titanium alloy
Inconel, cast iron and cast iron-based alloys;
And compacted graphite iron.
Applications include general purpose and production processing, aerospace, diesel engines, construction equipment, and the manufacture of pumps and compressors. Makino [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 254 or Circle 254, see Booth #3416 Probe for simplified machine tool applications. The Mida E83 detection system for CNC machining centers and milling machines provides 360 [degrees]
Data transmission and elimination linesof-
Visual installation of transmitter and receiver. A wide-
E83 wa angle transmitter available for multiple
Spindle application.
The system uses infrared signals to transmit measurement data from satellites.
Touch probe installed on CNC machine.
Modular Interface of signal.
It has three versions to meet the installation requirements.
A series of packages for the most widely used CNCsis for part inspection and measurement. Marposs Corp. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. rsleads. com/703mn-
For more information on 255 or 255 turns, see Stand #2519 aluminum turn Center quick turn spindle output for Nexus 250-
II. MSY rotating center 18% higher on main rotating spindle
Rapid cutting and heavy metal removal of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.
The spindle has 35 hp with a speed of 4,000 rpm and a chuck of 10 \".
The second spindle uses 15 horsepower, with a speed of 6,000 rpm, with a 6 \"Chuck, and there are 7 additional rotary tool spindles for milling.
5 hp and 4,500 rpm.
Machine travel is 10. 2\" x 4\" x 31. 3\", [+ or -]
Month \", text in withrapid feed rate 1,181 ipm × 826 ipm × 1,299.
Turningcenter is a Nexus CNC with new64-by a Mazatrol matrix-bit, twin-
16 million-enabled Engine CPU
Pulse encoder on each linear axis. Mazak Corp [
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For more information on 256 or 256 laps, please see Booth 2900. How do you think?
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