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Westec 2003: West Coast show and \'stars\' shine in L.A. (Product Spotlight).

by:QY Precision      2019-12-21
Spring is coming and Westec 2003 is coming.
2003 advanced productivity Expo (APEX)
Will return to Los Angeles Convention Center on March 24-27.
March 24 at nine o\'clock A. M. on Monday open day. m.
Close at 6 in the eveningm.
The rest of the performance time is: Tuesday, March 25. m. to 7p. m. ;
Action to be taken on Wednesday, March 26. m. to 6 p. m. ;
Thursday, March 27, 9a. m. to 3 p. m.
SME and Integration Systems Division at Northrop Grumman
A new meeting will be held in Westec.
The meeting was held on March 24, entitled \"manufacturing technology: accelerating future factories\"
The goal is the aerospace and defense industries.
Westec is sponsored by SME, American machine tool Dealers Association (AMTDA)and the AMT--
Manufacturing Technology Association.
For more information or registration, please call 800. 733.
Visit 4763 or. sme. org/westec. P. S.
March 23 is the Oscar day.
TRM tool chamber mill with 5-hp, 40-
A tapered spindle with a 30 \"x 14\" XYZ stroke offers 4,000 rpm and a large work package.
The mill is combined.
Easy cnc motion power supply for manual operation.
Its mp cnc control features a large digital position reading with a fast processing speed of 3,000 pieces and simple programming, and the library contains loops for milling, bagging and drilling.
Full CNC operation based on G-
Code programming with CNC controlled AC axis servo motor.
The company will also showcase the production model of its HMC 400 Dual pallet horizontal machining center.
Designed for a double cycle of 24/7, the HMC comes with a double 400mm tray with a 20 \"x24\" x20 \"XYZ stroke.
Fardar Processing Center, Booth 3400, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
UPDATE processing software 197 or circle 197 2.
The Gibson Cam will preview the 5D solid machining options and the next generation windows interface. The 2.
The 5D Solids option provides CNC programming capabilities for manufacturing 2 production and processing users. 5D parts.
Combined with the hole wizard and integrated with the automatic feature recognition function, the specification and generation of holes are simplified
Production process.
Advanced 2 is also introduced in the new option.
5D milling and cutting processing functions, such as the ability to directly interact with machining.
Booth 3264, Gibbs and colleaguesrsleads. com/303tp-
Nv000a/40 machining center with 209 or 209 lean machine with apc x, Y and Z
35 axis. 1\"x20. 1\"x20.
1 \"and a 30-
Tool magazine in 1 second.
The 12,000 rpm spindle drive uses the direct drive spindle gear-free technology to provide full speed acceleration in 0. 97 seconds.
Fast rate of 654 ipm reduced noncutting time.
Built for Lean Manufacturers, TheNH5000/40 is a fully digital-
Optimized machines designed for 24-hour operation. The 30-
The Hp peak directly drives the spindle to accelerate to 14,000 rpm in 1 minute. 4 seconds.
Changed 19.
Even if the load maximum payload is 1,102, it takes 6 seconds for the square tray.
MonSeiki, Pavilion 3200, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
208 or round 208 CNC lathe talent 6/45 CNC lathe with ANSI A2-5 spindle belt 1.
77 \"bar capacity and 3-
Jaw power Chuck as standard equipment.
The spindle drive system provides rated power up to 14.
7 hp with spindle speed up to 6,000 rpm.
Index time of 12-
Cosmic station-
30 turret roof is 0.
78 seconds near the station. Thenon-
Turret index rise using Brushless Servo motor, roof use 3-
An antique. Hardinge Inc.
Booth 2501, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
215 or vertical center of circle215 vertical machining center (VC)
The Nexus 410A increases productivity by 20 percent with advanced technology.
The characteristic of this machine is 12,000.
25-driven rpm rotation
Hp spindle motor and high
At 0, the speed fast crossing rate is 417 ipm. 5g acceleration. Chip-to-chip time is 2. 9 sec;
Change Tool Time, 1. 3 sec.
The processing area is 22 \"x 16\" x 20 \"(XYZ)on a table 35. 4\"x16.
1 \", the load capacity is 1,100.
The tool magazine can store up to 30 40-
Taper tool with a maximum length of 13.
7 \"from gauge line and maximum diameter 3. 15\". Mazak Corp.
Booth 2950, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
160 or circle160 Fast wire EDMThe Robofil 40cc/circle160 uses a new CC generator to increase the processing speed while maintaining the surface integrity of the processed material.
The cutting speed of the tool steel can reach a height of 37 square inches per hour.
From rough machining to finishing, the CC generator has zero voltage to protect the parts from electrolysis.
The maximum charge voltage increased by 25% and the maximum range increased from 400 amps to 1,200 amps.
Charmilles, Booth 3718rsleads. com/303tp-
207 or round 207 lathe chuck THW quick jaw replacement series lathe chuck with wedge-
Barserration mechanism provides less than one
The lower jaw was changed in minutes and the repeatability was 0. 0006\" (0. 015 mm)
And grip up to 6,000 rpm.
It also shows Schunk\'s large aperture power Chuck, which is specially designed to meet the requirements of the oilfield
Holes to 560mm (22\").
All Schunk power lathe chuck
The company offers complete production lines, including stable brackets and pallet claws. Schunk Inc.
Booth6027, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
166 or 166 laps-
The decoration and decoration of spindle automation 20 A is single
Spindle automatic device from 20mm (barcapacity25. 4 mm optional)
For 20, 26mm (32 mmoptional)for the 26a.
Both decorative machines have been redesigned to enter the work area through the secondary window of the main spindle.
The coolant tank size is increased by 20 liters, and the redesigned part fixture moves fewer parts. TB-
In order to generate programs and transfer data to machines more quickly, the DECO software has been enhanced.
Tornos Technology, USAS. Corp.
Booth 3232, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
162 circle 162 large capacity S33 universal external grinding machine grinding with modular design, forquick installation and conversion, digital control and drive system, andstep-by-
Step Programming for internal and external grinding.
The center height is 175mm and the grinding length between the centers is 650mm or 000mm.
OD wheel size is 【empty set]
500mm x 80mm x [empty set]203. 8 mm.
Chuck capacity between centers is 130 kg.
The basic shaft head can be indexed at 0 degrees or 30 degrees for straight grinding and angle grinding.
The universal turret shaft head is rotated manually or automatically, allowing external, internal and surface grinding of the workpiece in a single setting.
Joint grinding technology
, Booth2556, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
198 or round 198 CNC rotary machine PW160 rotary machine finish oil-field down-
Use one-way hole PC pump pins arranged with staggered tool rings with standard carbide blades.
PW160 can be adjusted to produce any spacing or eccentric O. D.
The rotor can be processed up to 26 feet in one operation.
In the typical application of 4140 steel bars, 2.
5 \"diameter and 1.
Diameter 631 \", CNC rotary machine running at 800 rpm and moving at 8 km/h/min at 12-foot rotor. Leistritz Corp.
Booth 5448, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
163 or round 163 standard, special corner head Precision Co.
Will adopt the standard and special-angle headline live broadcast tools provided by Alberti Grandi and Romai.
The right corner head line is tapered with an ISO/BT/CAT 30 to 50 spindle.
The configuration includes standard, general purpose, offset, dual spindle, collet output, taperoutput, coolant pass, speed reducer and Reducer, keyboard knife and special design.
Coma precision Company
Booth 2624, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
210 or round 210 steel, carbide cutter Dormer tool will be made of high speed steel and solid carbidensls--
Drill, tap and mold, end grinding and turning machine.
Drill bit models include PFX for CNC drive deep drill, ADX with special Baum design tin coating, and CDX hard alloy tin coated drill bits for high volume CNC machining.
MTT vanadium tap is suitable for all kinds of alloy materials, such as high
Tensile strength steel, stainless steel and die steel.
Dormer Tools
Booth 2313, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
212 or round 212 burrs tools burrs and burrs-
Turn off the mechanical burrs removal tool, remove burrs from the front and back holes at a time, and can adjust the number of edge breaks.
Other featured products include Ellipti-
Bullipty hole
Burrs removal tools and Micro
Ultimate precision depth control sinking tool.
Company of cogsdrill tool products.
Booth 4219, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
190 or 190 laps and a half
Valcool VNT790 is one and a half
Synthetic cutting fluid formulatedspecifically heavy duty
Compulsory processing of aluminum parts such as wheels, frames, engines and transmission parts in the automotive industry.
According to the processing application, the fluid can be used as a concentrate, mixed with water 1: 10 and 1: 20.
The liquid is chlorine-
Free of charge, with excellent lubrication properties and very low foaming level, so no defoaming products are required.
VNT790 can be used in 5-gal pails, 55-
And bulk containers. Valenite Inc.
Booth 2710, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
The 161 or circular 161 laser marking micro-laser system replaces the traditional laser, which uses the lamp to generate energy and uses a separate Nd: YAG laser.
Thelaser works at a lower temperature, does not require an external cooler and provides maintenance almost-
Free operation for up to 10 thousand hours.
The device provides accurate non-
Contact marks on plastic, paper, glass, metals and ceramics at a rate of up to 150 characters per second.
Warranty for the first 5,000 hours of actual shipping time.
Schmidt marking systems
Booth 5727, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
165 or 165 laps five-
Shaft software PowerMILL enables position and continuous 5-
Shaft machining, including projection by point or point to line or face.
Including the processing strategy of cutting processing, 5-
Axis fine tuning, 5-
Shaft pocket and 5-axis profiling.
For all options, the software contains automatic tilt angle adjustment for two lead angles (
Cutting direction)
And tilt angle (
Angle with cutting direction).
Gouge protection is suitable for all tool paths of knives and tool holders.
Delcam International Limited
Booth 3273, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
168 or 168 turn fast VMCThe VF-
4SS VMC is standard with 12,000-
Rpm direct-
1,400-ipm rapids.
Low output of spindle motor-
End torque, and the speed required for high speed
Processing speed.
The machine also has highspeed side-
Install tool changer with 241 tools.
Options include a spiral
Programmable nozzles, 16 mb program memory, and quick code programming for visualization.
Haas Automation
Booth 3418, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
204 or circle20\'s lean manufacturing pharmaceutical production technology will showcase newly produced products and services, including the need for manufacturingorganization including enterprise development services, improvedmanufacturing processing capabilities, more efficient services and support, advanced measurement technology.
Ellison ManufacturingTechnologies, Pavilion 3200, www. rsleads. com/ 303tp-
214 or 214 laps Super
Vericut 5 fast milling software.
3 has milling verification technology 10 times faster than the current version. This fast-
Fixed milling die
Tool axis material removal in any tool direction around the workpiece. Support for in-
Includes process inventory check and automatic inventory/fixture positioning.
The CNC Machine Detection module can be used to detect when any machine model is in contact with another machine model, such as moving inventory until it stops contact with the bar.
Booth 3064 CGTechrsleads. com/303tp-
The 206 or round 206 mill/ring software solidmallturn is a CAM software that includes traditional, advanced, produced, free-shaped and free-shaped 5-
Axis level of multi-programming
Swiss function lathe
Lathe and milling machine-
Rotating machine tools.
This product line has a set of 2-
5-axis milling with full 3-
Shaft and simultaneous 5-axis 3Dmulti-
Surface/solid processing.
Milling and cutting cycles can be used in any combination.
The software provides control over the Z, X, C, Y, and B axes.
Booth DP Technology, ww 4028. rsleads. com/303tp-
205 orcircle 205 online cadi cam training online classroom training program real-time using the WebEx interactive web conferencing software
Time CAD/CAM training via the Internet to provide conference calls for real-time interaction between instructors and students.
3-provide training
Take an hour\'s class in a small classroom environment.
Students can ask questions and discuss.
Teachers use short online tests to track the progress of each student.
Booth 3170 Engineering Geometry Systemrsleads. com/303tp-
The Prodigy Compact magazine barfeeder of 199 or circle 199 magazine barfeeder IEMCA is compatible with all types of sliding and fixed main seat lathes with a diameter of up to 51mm.
God children\'s clothing 6-
The foot bar, regardless of lathespindle length, has 12-
The foot boss with the VIP ship-80E. IEMCA, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
186 or round 186 laser tool set NC3 non
The contact laser system provides tool setup and tool breakage detection with a measuring range of 135mm x 26mm x 77mm.
Compared with previous products, NC3 provides good repeatability, reduces overhead, and improves the detection cycle of rapid tool breakage.
Tools as small as 0.
The diameter of 2mm can be measured anywhere along the laser beam.
The settings are simple, there is no focus to identify, and [+ or-]0.
The repeatability of 2mm improves accuracy on a range of tools.
Integrated technology to reduce the impact of coolant drops and metal sheets. Renishaw Inc.
Booth 4132, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
193 orcircle 193 automatic polishing-Level 5000
Power Stroke honing Mill is ideal for high production and long production
Run the application.
The standard programmable StrokeControl allows the honing grinding tool to stay at both ends of the hole or to travel short, eliminating the tight points that are often associated with blind holes.
Cycle time control monitors the cycle time of each part.
If there is a significant difference from the programming time, ML-
5000 the feed pressure will be automatically re-adjusted to maintain the required cycle time.
The company will also display ML-
2 000 in work store and mid
Mass production applications.
Songnen Products Co. , Ltd.
Booth 3632, www. rsleads. com/ 303tp-
The 222 or circle 222 hydraulic work keeps the stronghold clamping system designed to work as part of the complete system, allowing the customer to obtain the hydraulic system solution from a single source.
The stronghold product line includes wing/pull clamps with a holding capacity of up to 4500;
Includes a range of \"live rollers\" swing clamps that provide a higher service life in the toughest applications.
The fixture has a variety of mounting, plumbing, and body style options, including three-head body, cartridge, and manifold mounting. Single-
Performance and double
Actingversions are available.
The production line provides retraction fixture, edge fixture, through fixture
Hole hydraulic ram and collet chuck. De-Sta-
Co Industries, Booth5901, www. rsleads. comf303tp-
227 or 227 High-
51 HMC horizontal machining center is ideal for using bymediumto high-
The first batch of mass production storesand second-
Supplier of auto parts and general contract processing business. The 15.
7 \"tray a 51 1 comes with 12,000-
Spindle speed and speed-type 60-
Tool magazine, 40-tool magazine.
Automatic pallet replacement device with safety protection device, 3-
Point support system, ergonomic swing operation control panel and safety-designedfour-
Doors and windows are standard layer protection operators. Makino Inc.
Booth 3432, www. rsleads.
Com/303tp223 or circle 223 2D symbol marked MC-2000 computer-
A controlled dot peen marking system with 2D data matrix notation is available.
Almost any material can be used by humans.
Readable, point matrix, alphanumeric characters, and 2D markers.
The controller option allows the system to be a stand-alone workstation or integrated with the host.
2 data contained in dsymology can be captured with low contrast 2 Ddata matrix symbol reader in handheld and fixed-mounted cycles.
Marks and traceability of Mecco, Booth 5837, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
Esco cnc New MAC 228 Plus with two extra back-228 orcircle 649 machining center
Workstations and multi-function sub-stations
Spindle design for complex production, tight tolerance, high
High quality surface finish parts up to 1/4 in diameter.
MAC 649 short run using either bar stock or use coil stock in high stock
Mass production applications.
The tool preset unit speeds up the initial setup and subsequent tool change times.
Booth 2862, Hansco Technologies, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
The Faro gage features a 211 or round 211 portable inspection arm 0.
0002 accuracy, a simpleto-usetouch-
Screen interface, portable magnetic support, and training at requiresno.
Gage provides SPC reports for 3D graphics and tables.
Platinum FaroArm shares the installation options and some features of theGage, but provides 0.
There are four kinds of accuracy of 0005\"to12-
Foot configuration to enable the user to check, reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-part analysis.
Faro Technology
Booth 5637, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
More than 213 or 213 laps
Shaft software Mastercam version 9 features a focus cutting feature, a tool inclusion feature that can be converted between two definable handle gap points, allowing deeper cutting with a single tool path
For example, when cutting complex parts, the cylinder head port, the focus cut gradually adjusts the head position, while including the tool to the control point, allowing the tool to move safely to the maximum cutting depth.
Mastercam users can create a boundary of any shape beyond which the boundaries of these shapes will not pass.
CNC software company
Booth 3364, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
192 or round 192 Gantry robot this gantry robot system adopts modular design, with singleormulti-Machine loading.
The robot integrates up to eight machine tools for multiple processing operations and enables the following functions
Transformation of processing capacity.
Erowa Technology Co. , Ltd.
Booth 4000, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
The 196 or round 196 turn Center vip cnc turn center consists of five frame sizes, ranging in length from 20 \"to 118\" and can be equipped with static or static and dynamic turrets.
Options include tool presets, Chuck systems, stable brackets, bar feed and part catcher.
The torque tube concept of the frame ensures that the casting is resistant to bending and distortion.
Through a symmetrical expanded cross-section, the interior of all internal components is reinforced, thereby increasing the dynamic stability and greater secondary moment stiffness. Mighty U. S. A. Inc.
Booth 3532, www. rsleads. com/303tp-
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