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by:QY Precision      2019-12-09
Welding solutions in Saudi Gulf (PGWS)
The recently improved technical services department of Is identification will help to enhance its image as a welding supplier
Related products, machine tools and services.
Company\'s Oceanwide Bay technical services (PGTS)
With the addition of new services, it has become even worse this year.
This segment of Pgws has received five contracts.
PGWS has also made gains in the UAE market;
Said Khan, general manager of the company, said its machine tool segment has proven to be a \"step in the right direction\" and added a new crane segment.
\"PGWS has become one of the leading suppliers of welding equipment and services in the Middle East;
Its Dubai business is showing positive growth and creating space for itself at UAEmarket, \"Khan said.
\"This year we will pay more attention to the cultivation of brand awareness.
As the trend shows, we expect to do quite well with the ranes product line.
PGWS, headquartered in the eastern province of Al Khobar, is part of PanGulf Industrial Investment Corporation (PGIIC)
, And has been operating in the welding, cutting, machine tool and crane industry for more than ten years.
Up to 65 to 70 of revenue comes from consumption and the rest comes from equipment, Khan said. He added that the business over the past year has been quite good.
\"Although our market share has increased by one percentage point, there has been no significant growth in the welding business. Our non-
Machine tool welding production line has good development potential.
He promised to keep an eye on after-sales service.
Selling services, working with existing suppliers, \"add more in order to add value to us within our product range.
\"The new PGTS provides a new channel for revenue, and the company is placing more emphasis on creating brand awareness.
It works with Dragon star welding Australia to provide automatic and manual welding services and supply or lease of automatic welding equipment to customers in the oil, gas and water industries.
\"We develop welding procedures from concept to final acceptance on high-tech welding projects because we believe welding is single --
The most critical activity in the construction of apipeline, \"Khan said.
\"PGTS started in its early form, mainly for heating, mainly in
Weld heat treatment and proceed directly under pgws.
\"When we launched our pipeline welding and slope side service, we used PGTS as a sub-unit of PGWS this year, which has been approved by aramco,\" the official said.
Ron Barker, general manager of the company, said in discussing the new PGTS that the industry has been strongly demanding pipeline construction companies to undertake small projects that large companies do not want to do.
\"At a time when automatic welding of pipes is almost mandatory, we see a gap in companies that are still using manual welding processes on the market, and they do not want to continue to install new automatic welding robots and workers for the cost, said Buck.
\"We asked for help from an existing company working on this in Australia, who came to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to help us work to get this new department to work.
They send the equipment and train our operators to use them and maintain the machine.
Salah Al Otaibi, managing director of PGIIC commented: \"The management of pangurfen industrial investment is excited about the market\'s response.
The pan-Sea Bay name in Saudi Arabia is very respected and we intend to continue our new sector to make it a market leader for such buildings.
There are many small projects around us that ignore the market\'s demand for our services and we will do our best to meet the needs of our customers and the market.
We have a big investment in all the new states. of-the-
Art equipment, so we look forward to something bigger and better from our technical services team at PanGulf.
\"Some details of the five contracts won by PGTS are provided by its project manager, Jaya Kumar. One was an in-
Workshop project, three work related to the pipeline from 26 km to 30 km, one is a new refining project for welding thick-walled pipes of different diameters.
\"We are still doing post-weld heat treatment (PWHT)
As part of our onsite service, pipe cutting and slope edges.
We have a large number of slope machines and experienced staff to do the job.
The new sophisticated TIG process makes us very competitive in the laboratory --
Intensive items for heavy pipe welding require TIG root running. This semi-
\"Automatic Processing is about 500% faster than normal manual methods,\" Kumar said . \".
He stressed that the Gulf Technical services provide a good rate of welded joints.
Because they just lined up there.
During the welding process of the pipe, they control the staff and management expenses to a minimum.
This means a lot of savings in this area.
The improved segmentation of Pgws\'s Oceanwide Bay Technical Services provides a new channel for revenue. Buck commented, \"We are already looking to expand our budget base as we are currently in three different pipe sizes and we will win some victories.
By this time next year, we will have more than 30 robots and 130 employees.
It\'s not bad for a company that only started welding pipes this year \".
Powerful lineup Khan lists some of the fast
Mobile devices sold by PGWS.
Including Esab warriors, a powerful inverter technology
Process welding packaging;
Caddy Arc/TIG, a compact portable inverter for MMAand TIG;
Magnatech, whose equipment is specially used for rail tubes and tubes-
Plate and pipe welding systems using GTAW, FCAW and gmaw welding processes, as well as Chester radial drill bits, a range of rigs from small amateur bench drills to radial rigs.
Other successful products sold by PGWS include the mpsbendingmachine series.
These are all designed and analyzed in 3D.
Computer-assisted programs are supported and accurately processed at the center of the moving columnCNC machine.
The other good thing is the micros cutting machine made of steel on the body and the upper beam.
It is designed according to the minimum stretch and the best resistance standard.
The company also highlighted its Chester machine tools and products from Cuteral Imas, as well as Faccin round scissors, automatic flangingmachine, hydraulic press, automatic manipulator and global plate-
Processing system.
The new Crane division of PGWS refers to the appointment of the company as an Indian distributor
Headquartered in Electromech, specializing in the design, sale, manufacture, installation and commissioning of various products in the industrial crane product range.
ElectroMech in different industrial vertical industries, including automotive, steel, electric power, shipbuilding, heavy engineering, manufacturing and general engineering, provides capacity ranging from 80 kg tons to 200 tons for various cranes and cranes
Cranedge, Electromech initiative, after providing
Sales service for Crane users.
It has a knowledge base of various cranes, as well as applications and products to optimize crane efficiency.
\"We have been working on cranes for the last two years, but we buy and trade from our Indian office.
No distribution, individual team and service capabilities.
This year, we are starting to provide the right electric machinery dealers and field personnel for sales and service.
\"In our business, we classify it as a new vertical sector,\" Khan said . \". [c]
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