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weapons: Hindustan Machine Tools Limited: From watches to weapons? | Kochi News - Times of India

by:QY Precision      2019-12-25
Indian Machine Tool Co. , Ltd. (public sector (HMT)
As part of its diversified programme, weapons and ammunition such as rifles, missile components and shells are being prepared.
\"We are at an advanced stage of discussions with institutions such as defense research and development organizations (DRDO).
M. D. reekumar, general manager of HMT, told TOI that they have developed the technology to make these items and we have the ability to make them.
The DRDO passed the technology to the industry through the public bidding process, says Sreekumar.
\"So far, we have not been qualified to participate in the bidding.
After the discussion, DRDO will allow us to participate in the bidding.
\"We believe that we have the ability to absorb these technologies,\" he said . \".
The weapons manufacturing mission will be mainly in Kochi (Kalamassery)
Bangalore and Hyderabad.
\"Only by limiting ourselves to machine tools can we grow in arithmetic.
\"But to achieve growth in geometric proportions, we need to diversify out of the box into multiple industries,\" he said . \".
HMT also plans to enter the manufacturing of key components of the nuclear industry such as centrifuges and robots.
We are also negotiating with some of the world\'s leading companies in the machine tool industry to form joint ventures for technology transfer and manufacturing of high-tech
High-tech machine tools in China.
We are confident to sign at least three MOU with companies from Japan, South Korea and France by the end of this year.
He says HMT is recovering after a recent loss
Our order is full this year and it is worth Rs 260.
Of the 90 rupees, there are from the Defense Department.
\"We expect to place an additional order of Rs 200 by the end of next March,\" said Sreekumar . \".
Sreekumar, who made his first visit to HMT\'s Kalamassery division on Thursday after serving as MD, handed over SBCNC-
80 lathes in Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC)
In Terry Trivandrum.
P. S Veeraraghavan, director of VSSC who received the machine, said that this is very useful for lathe processing on the components required by PSLV.
HMT is the only one that can produce computer numerical control (CNC)
A lathe capable of handling such a large size component.
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