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ways of reducing the use of resources - aqa

by:QY Precision      2019-09-24
Recycling metals, glass, building materials, clay ceramics and most plastics are made from limited natural resources.
Some items made of these materials can be reused, which can save energy to the maximum extent and reduce the impact on the environment.
For example, glass bottles only need to be cleaned and disinfected before filling again.
Other products cannot be reused in this way, but can be recycled.
Advantages of recycling compared to the production of materials and objects from natural resources, the advantages of recycling include: extraction of metal-free or metal-free crude oil with limited reserves needs to extract less quarries and mines from the crust, as a raw material for the manufacture of plastic-free energy, recycling requires less energy from natural resources compared to the manufacture of new products, so greenhouse gas emissions reduce the amount of waste treated by landfill sites. The table shows the percentage of energy saved by recycling compared to extraction from metallic ore.
Metal energy savings (%)
The difference explained by Iron70Aluminium92Suggest.
The answer to the extraction of aluminum from ore with electrolysis is revealed, but iron is extracted with carbon heating.
Electrolysis uses more energy, so more energy is used to extract aluminum first.
The melting point of aluminum is lower than that of iron, so it takes less energy to melt aluminum during recycling.
The disadvantages of recycling come from the recycling process itself: the collection and transportation of used items requires the organization, workers, vehicles and fuel to make it difficult to classify different metals from each other. The sorted metal may need to be transported to places where it can be converted into other metals. The amount of classification required depends on the purity of the metal/material of the mixed metal. In addition, you also need to finally recover how pure the metal is.
For example, copper for wires requires very high purity, so if it is routed with recycled copper, scrap copper needs to be treated before it is melted into copper again for wiring.
However, the steel used in construction does not require such high purity.
This means that when making steel, scrap iron can be easily added to the steel furnace.
This reduces the cost of steelmaking with iron ore.
The problem describes an easy way to separate aluminum from iron.
A magnet or magnet is found to attract iron but not aluminum.
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