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watch movements exposed: how (and why) to skeletonize

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
The watchmaker outlines the skeleton of the watch by carving the metal on the bridge and plate onto the bare bones, showing the tiny gears and levers that make the mechanical watch.
Watching enthusiasts like detailed sports, where novices can see all the excitement.
However, skeleton is an unstable job.
Bridges and plates are sandwiches that hold the watch movement together-the parts are attached to the main plate and the bridges are then screwed to the top to hold them in place.
Taking off too much, tiny gears and small gears may shift or break under slight pressure.
To minimize movement requires skill and meticulous calculation without making the watch too fragile to work.
Traditional carving
The outside parts are decorated by engraving and fine decoration.
Sports are open in a more modern version
But the traditional rolling pattern is replaced by a simple diagonal, polished, or textured surface.
The color usually adds a physical deposition coating, which adds to the dramatic talent that is not present in the retro skeletal watch.
Open work and skeletal work are also useful tips for weight loss exercise, as carving bridges and plates into bare necessities can eliminate excess metal.
The popular classic dress watch should be below 10mm in thickness.
Like people, watches are the most elegant when they are thin.
Here are some powerful hollow-out watches, recent examples from some of the masters of art, Baobao, Grand Mercure, the manufacture of Ting, Amin Strom and Frank Mueller.
Blancpain eret Squelette 8 journal this is an amazing example of traditional skeletal, with shredded flowers and rolling patterns that are archived, carved and chamfer for many hours (
Also called slope side), done by hand.
This process reveals the main reasons for the three openness
Work barrels, together to provide an excellent eight
Power Reserve during the day. The manual-
The wound caliber 1333SQ is equipped with a titanium balance spring to increase the stability after cuttingdown movement.
Sports are only 4.
The skeletal form is 2mm thick.
It can be seen through the sapphire crystal on the front and back.
The movement to make the royal fairy steampunk-
Inspired by the opening of Androgyne Royale-
Work, bridges and plates turn blue because of dramatic effects. The hand-
Wound Caliber MR06 is a flying tourbillon with silicon escape wheels and ceramic ball bearings.
Highlights include a 12-point view, where you can see the main spring, the 6-point Tourbillon compartment through a skeletal barrel.
Complex, 52-
The part housing has flexible lugs for customization.
12 bezel screws marked for hours.
Frank Muller pioneer Tourbillon SkeletonThis open-
The working mode also has a steampunk atmosphere with visible screws and building bridges.
The 18 k gold plated bridge is highly polished in contrast to the blackening parts including the balance wheel.
In addition to the tips, even the golden hands are skeletal, and these tips glow due to easy lumin.
The watch has a compass function that combines the central pointer with the coordinates marked on the circle of the table.
Traditionally, the Armin tour Tourbillon SkeletonA watchmaker uses hand-carved movements with engraving tools such as small saws.
Instead, Amin Strom
The movement of the design will be skeletal. It purpose-
Build bridges, plates and other components in \"cutting\"
Use the milling machine output form.
The purpose is not to save time, nor to replace manual finishes with machines, but to the contrary.
It creates more surfaces that can be decorated by hand: cutting lines on CNC machines (0. 07mm thick)
There is no place to go (typically 0. 2mm)can go.
For the extra drama, the plate is covered with a blue cvd coating.
Roger dubuwa is good at skeletons and is known for his iconic starsshaped bridges.
The bridge here is coated with DLC, similar to the shell, made of a carbon fiber sheet molded compound that weighs twice as much as steel and twice as hard as steel.
This is the first automatic movement of the brand\'s skeletal-automatic movement is usually not skeletal due to the rotor\'s obstruction of viewing parts.
In this case, a micro
Use the rotor at the 11 point position, where it is not noticeable and narrowed down to the profile form.
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