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watch: inside apple’s super-secret design studio, and how each product is designed to compete with the other

by:QY Precision      2019-10-12
From the design DNA that runs through their product design to the spirit of Steve Jobs, who still lives inside the company, has never looked at why Apple is itching in a recent episode of 60 minutes, anchor Charlie Ross has the opportunity to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and when they talk about all aspects of the company, with several other key members of his team.
Most interestingly, Rose has had unprecedented face-to-face communication with many areas of Apple, and until now, with the exception of the few people who are closely involved in creating their genre, none of them have been accessible to all.
Define the product.
Asked about Steve Jobs\'s mandatory question, Tim Cook said, \"I \'ve never seen anyone like him before.
\"Who has this incredible, incredible ability to look around the corner;
\"He has this relentless drive to pursue perfection,\" he continued . \".
He reiterated Jobs\'s legendary pursuit of perfection, arguing that Apple\'s products are not enough to do well.
Asked if jobs\'s DNA was still in the company, Cook insisted: \"This is jobs\'s company.
This is Steve\'s company.
His spirit is always the DNA of the company.
Meeting with Jony Ive-
Today is considered the most important person for Apple. -
It happened in Apple design studio;
A room marked with a black cloth cover, which is clearly under a huge workbench.
My team is made up of 22 designers who are all very close designers which is understandable
Knitting unit: In the past ten yearsand-a-
Half, only two left.
There is a \"California Design\" label behind every Apple product, and that\'s where it happens.
For example, using the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, 10 models of different sizes were created before selecting the most effective model.
The two selected are those who \"feel right;
Not only in touch, but also emotionally they feel right ---
Obviously, we believe that the design of each apple product runs through it.
When it comes to the iphone, I say that these products are just the tip of the iceberg, and the different textures \"greatly affect what you think about the product.
\"As far as Apple watches are concerned, from drawing prototypes to designing accurate 3D grids using CAD software, to creating high-precision models of products using CNC machines, Apple\'s design team ignores the whole process, includes testing the material and color of the final product.
In describing the design of Apple\'s ultra-thin Macbook, Dan Riccio, head of hardware engineering, said, \"every tenth of our products is sacred,\" specifically referring to the newly designed battery
This laptop is used for a long time.
Speaking of the cameras used in Apple\'s iphone, Graham Townsend, director of camera hardware, revealed that the camera components include more than 200 separate parts, all of which occupy about the button with the coat
He revealed that when referring to the processing power of the mobile phone, \"it takes 24 billion operations to take a photo.
Interestingly, when asked if there is a risk that Apple\'s continuously launched products will cannibalize previous sales, Phil Schiller, Apple\'s marketing director, said, \"It\'s not dangerous, it\'s almost designed
You need these products to fight for their space, the time they spend with you.
\"Everyone\'s job is to compete with others.
Watch the charming 15-
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