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Warning signs that you are buying from a puppy mill

by:QY Precision      2019-10-21
Animal advocates say buyers can do their homework when it comes to buying puppies from breeders.
These photos from 66 dogs from a so-called puppy factory in B Lanley highlight the problemC. , last week.
\"We never thought that people like this who use animals to make huge profits would use B. C.
\"As a safe haven, but it seems to be what they are doing,\" said Jeff Erton, senior manager of stakeholder relations at bc spca . \".
Advocates say more needs to be done to prevent people from building puppy factories.
The puppy mill bust is like one of B\'s biggest bust images ever. C.
SPCABut said it is now the personal responsibility to check the practices of the breeder before purchasing.
There are a few things to note here when you are looking for a dog breeder. 1.
Kathy Polson, executive director of Hope for Hope, said blocking you from seeing animals Liverpool breeders will show potential buyers where dogs live and play.
She also advised attention to the health of puppet parents.
\"Their Health will also indicate the health of your pet. \"2.
Selling animals to a pet shop \"non-reputable breeders will sell animals to a pet shop.
\"If you buy a pet from a pet shop, you buy it from a bad breeder,\" Powelson said . \".
The same rules apply to breeders on Kijiji or Craigslist who allow people to \"choose and buy [puppies]
Just like you buy a pair of running shoes online. \"3.
Powelson said that well-established breeders of designer dogsA who sells multiple types or varieties usually stick to one or at most two different varieties.
\"They should really be experts in this category --
Their temperament, their health, their behavior, their lifestyle needs.
\"It is unlikely that people who nurture many different kinds of dogs will have this level of knowledge. 4.
A good breeder breeds his dog once or twice a year, says Powelson.
This means that reputable breeders usually have a waiting list of people who want to buy puppies from there. \"[
Good-standing breeder
In fact, these dogs also choose where to go. \"5.
Powelson said no contract was signed outlining the responsibility to take care of the dog and expecting the breeder to be responsible for the life of the animal.
\"If there is a change in your life and what is going on and you can no longer take care of that pet, then the breeder should take that pet back,\" she said . \".
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