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Video Gambling in Bars Holds Promise of Handsome Revenues

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
DAN mihalopoulsaprill 1, on the hard southeast corner of Chicago, the factory has rusted over the past few decades, the magnificent plan of Calumet Lake Airport failed several nearby bars and restaurant owners gathered in the Knights Hall of Columbus on a late winter night to learn about the latest big-
Ticket Plan: video gambling.
Senator John Pope (10th Ward)
He told them that he believed that \"most\" members of the city council would soon vote with him to lift the gambling ban in Chicago and put the city in a state program, the project will allow up to five video gambling terminals in any licensed enterprise to take on-
On-site consumption.
\"We are interested in making people work;
We are interested in putting money in people\'s pockets;
To be honest, we are interested in legalizing what has happened . \"
He refers to illegal gambling at many bars in Chicago.
Illinois officials estimate video gambling was legalized by lawmakers and the government last summer. Patrick J.
Quinn will generate more than $1 billion in revenue each year from at least 45,000 new machines across the state.
Video gambling revenues will be taxed by 30%.
Officials predict that this will mean that financially difficult states will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, making it the most important source of funding for Illinois\'s first large-scale public works spending in a decade.
Supporters promised a long list of construction projects, such as school and park site renovation, new street lights and rapid traffic improvement.
Advertising, but deeper surveys show that the state\'s profits from gambling are far lower than those from other states, compared to other states that take similar video gambling schemes.
The new gambling scheme is richer for the crazy connected video gambling industry in Illinois than similar operators in other states.
In addition, state regulators say it is almost impossible for them to closely monitor this new form of gambling as they do for state casinos.
Concerns about gambling regulation have intensified since the Al Capone era, possibly leaving the Chicago video machine regulations far less passed than Mr. Pope predicted.
Mayor Richard M.
Daley hasn\'t publicly backed the issue yet, and if Chicago doesn\'t approve video gambling, the state\'s potential new revenue streams will fall sharply.
If video gambling becomes a reality, the vast majority of people70 percent —
The income of the new machine will be evenly distributed between liquor license holders and companies that state licensed to own and operate new gambling terminals.
The country\'s share of video gambling is 25%, accounting for 5% of total gambling.
The revenue from the machine is left to the municipal authorities.
Even at such a low tax rate, Illinois\'s annual tax revenue is likely to reach $0. 534 billion.
Illinois\'s share of video gambling revenue is in stark contrast to the state\'s nine casinos and plans to open 10 casinos in Des Plaines.
Casino taxes must reach 50% of revenue.
Illinois\'s new video betting legislation is also far more lucrative for the gaming industry than other states with similar laws.
In South Dakota and West Virginia, the state earned 50% of its revenue at alcohol video gambling terminals.
Licensed institutions
In Oregon, the state owns and operates these machines, a percentage that jumped to 73%.
\"Why are they giving this away so little?
Bridget Gainer, Cook County commissioner, said he supported a measure to ban video gambling in unincorporated areas of the county.
\"To please the industry, we are in a terrible deal.
\"When Springfield reached the deal, the gaming industry benefited from lobbyists who had close ties with government leaders.
One of the lobbyists, Joseph Salisbury, is chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party and Michael J.
Illinois House Speaker Madigan
The other is Tom Cullen, who works for the gentleman.
According to the organization\'s website, madigen has been here for 12 years.
One of Tennessee\'s leading manufacturers of advertising video game technology has also adopted clout-
A lot of lobbyists: Michael Casper\'s company, his lawyer and Treasurer
The state Democratic organization of MadiganMr.
Kasper\'s company also includes David Delin, a spokesman for former Illinois House Republican Leader Tom Cross.
The legislation received bipartisan support in both houses of the Assembly, and Governor Quinn signed into law on July.
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Although the state is prepared to allow the installation of gambling machines by the end of this year, regulators say they lack the resources to properly regulate this new form of gambling, as well as reviewing the manpower of machine manufacturers, terminal operators and thousands of enterprises that have agreed to install machines.
The Illinois Gaming Commission says it will need to double at least 150 employees to get the job done.
\"You have to understand that this is a completely different industry,\" board Chairman Aaron Jaffe said after this week\'s board meeting.
\"In the casino . \"
\"Everything is limited to one area,\" said Jaffe.
We have our state police.
We have our revenue agency.
We have cameras everywhere.
With video poker, there are about 15,000 liquor licenses in the state.
\"The law to legalize video gambling is so fast that
Jaffe said he did not know whether the state\'s fiscal forecasts were accurate.
Revenue figures depend on whether Chicago is involved.
Without the equipment, state finance analysts say the country\'s money from these machines could plunge by $177. 7 million.
They estimate that video poker, backed by Chicago, will generate $287 in revenue.
$5 million to $534.
Illinois is 2 million a year.
The machines are banned in more than 70 cities on the outskirts of Chicago.
Blocking the wave of municipalities that opt-out, and ensuring that Chicago chooses to join, business and labor leaders have joined together to recruit Greg Gartner\'s public relations and political consulting firm, mayor Daley\'s former campaign manager and assistant
November, sir.
Goldner set up a public propaganda group and gave it a populist --
Sounds like a name: Back to Work in Illinois.
The group\'s initial budget of up to $700,000 was entirely funded by Las Vegas-
Trade group based in video terminal manufacturers and National Association of machine operatorsGoldner said.
AdvertisementHe said that his company had contacted more than 40 of the 50 aldermen in Chicago and sent materials about video gambling to the Mayor Daley\'s office.
Despite the lobbying efforts, there are still many aldermen who are not committed.
\"I\'m not sure if these sources are where we want to go as a city,\" Alderman Thomas Tunney said . \" His Ward 44 includes the bar area around Wrigley Stadium.
\"When did revenue drivers replace other questions?
The country has long allowed entertainment only for video game consoles, but such restrictions are often ignored. As Mr.
Gardner, who tried to win support at a meeting with tavern owners last month, warned that anyone caught by a machine that illegally pays bonuses would be banned from using a new legal form of video gambling.
Anthony Abruzzo of the Midwest game technology company whosenew company plans to install and maintain video gambling machines. Mr.
Abruzzo said he heard about the meeting from Sam panayovitch.
Springfield\'s lobbying company.
\"We see a bright future,\" he said . \"
A version of this article was printed on page A19A of the National edition in April 2, 2010, titled: video gambling in the bar is expected to earn considerable income.
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