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Video: Restaurant Makes 3D Sushi Based On Bodily Fluids Of Diners

by:QY Precision      2019-09-02
A Japanese restaurant will be customized in 3D
Print sushi for each diners by studying their body fluid samples.
Open Meals, a Japanese concept design studio, announced that the sushi singularity will Open in Tokyo on 2020, and the Meals in the future restaurant will be determined according to the nutritional needs of customers.
So if you want to have a meal at this restaurant, all you need is more than a reservation --
You must also be willing to share your samples of saliva, urine and feces.
Once the restaurant opens, customers who are interested in dining there will receive a healthy-
They can share test kits for their body fluid samples.
Then send these samples back and analyze so that the restaurant can create 3D-using this data-
Printed sushi customized to meet the recipient\'s dietary needs.
It is reported that the open meal has not yet determined the exact method of making sushi.
However, it will be built through a range of industrial institutions, including CNC machines, 3D printers, and robotic arms. \"Hyper-
Personalized will become the general trend of food in the future.
According to DNA, urine and gut tests, everyone has a separate health id . \"
\"There will be 14 cylinders with different nutrients on the food --
For example, when it prints a plate of sushi in 3D, some of the nutrients that customers need are automatically added, \"said Open Meals.
What do you think of the concept, please let us know using the comments section below.
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