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Verification Standard of precision parts processing in Shenzhen hardware processing factory

by:QY Precision      2020-03-23
For precision parts processing, it is essential to refer to the drawings drawn before processing. This is provided by the customer. The drawings will indicate various processing requirements and dimensions, however, this does not guarantee that all the precision parts processed can reach the standard. Shenzhen fuchengxi technology reminds you that you still need to pay attention to some acceptance problems during acceptance. I. Acceptance requirements for precision parts processing 1. Appearance inspection of precision parts processing (1) Check whether the finish of precision parts processing meets the drawing requirements; (2) Check whether the machining appearance of precision parts is damaged, rusted, bruised and the thread shape and angle are correct; (3) If the above problems are found, detailed records should be made for future reference. 2. Quality acceptance of precision parts processing (1) To assemble in strict accordance with the provisions and procedures required by the final assembly drawings; (2)Record carefully during quality acceptance. If there is a quality problem with the machined parts, the external processing unit shall be notified in writing of the details. Decide whether to return or replace it as appropriate; (3) If there are special requirements, the processing unit can be found to jointly accept and assemble, and the acceptance documents can be signed only after the installation is qualified. 3. Quantity acceptance of precision parts processing (1) Based on the supply contract and processing voucher, check the material, specification, and quantity of the processed parts strictly against the drawings, and check them one by one; (2) Make a record of quantity acceptance, indicating the place, time, participants, type, name, attendance and actual quantity of acceptance. Second, the acceptance procedure for precision parts processing 1. After receiving the processed parts of precision parts, full-time acceptance personnel will be assigned to accept the material, specification, model and quantity of the processed parts according to the requirements of the contract comparison drawings; 2. The acceptance period is generally 1-2 days. Special circumstances depend on the effect of use. In case of quality problems, the processing unit may return the goods, claim compensation and bear economic losses; 3. Generally, processing contracts signed by non-production departments will be directly accepted by the departments used and the acceptance report will be filled in; 4. For precision parts that fail to pass the acceptance, the acceptance personnel must repair and return the goods within the prescribed acceptance period; 5. For the acceptance of special precision processing parts, the full-time acceptance personnel shall organize relevant personnel to jointly accept and fill in the acceptance report in detail. For parts that fail to pass the acceptance, the inspection form should be filled out in detail as a condition for improving the processing accuracy and determining the selection direction of the parts and components.
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