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Venezuela blames major power cut on US senator Marco Rubio

by:QY Precision      2019-09-08
Parts of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, have begun to restore power after the government blamed a major nationwide blackout on a \"vandalism\" planned by an American senator \".
According to local media and Twitter posts including Caracas, 15 of the 23 states were affected by early morning power outages.
Traffic lights stopped working when the local iron stopped, thousands of commuters poured into the streets, and some had to walk for hours to get home.
At about two o\'clock P. M. local time (six o\'clock P. M. GMT), unverified reports from the official TV station VTV said that power supply had resumed in 16 blocks of the capital.
People are starting to report on social media that they have restored power and street lights can see jobs.
\"They have attacked the power generation and transmission of Guli (hydropower dam), the pillar of the power system,\" Power Minister Louis Motta said on state television earlier . \".
Communications Minister Jorge rodeitz accused extremists of taking orders from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who laughed at the idea and tweeted \"from Apple to me\"
\"A little patience,\" the Minister of Communications urged . \".
\"Stay at home if you are at home.
If you are in a protected place or at work, it is better to stay there.
\"Some people open the window and beat the pan bowl pans basin in the dark, which shows that they are frustrated with President Maduro.
Power cuts are common in Venezuela, and many blame the president for the country\'s severe hyperinflation and food and drug shortages.
Critics say the country\'s electricity network has fallen into bankruptcy due to years of poor investment and management.
Opposition leader Juan guaydo has used the opportunity to attack President Maduro, who has been trying to force him to step down.
He wrote on Twitter: \"How do you tell a mom who needs to cook, a patient who relies on machines, said Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, the blackout was caused by President Maduro\'s \"incompetence.
\"Power outages and damage to the average Venezuelan people are not because of the United States.
Not because of Colombia.
This is not Ecuador, Brazil, Europe or anywhere else.
\"Power shortages and hunger are the result of Maduro\'s regime\'s incompetence,\" Pompeo wrote on Twitter . \"
Juan guaydo has received a lot of support in Venezuela and has received support from most Western powers, but so far he has been unable to remove Mr. Maduro.
It is vital that the president still has the support of the military.
Some also support him as well, arguing that he is protecting the country from the US plot and gaining its huge oil reserves.
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