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by:QY Precision      2019-11-02
U. S. Aerospace, Inc.
Original New Century Company, Company
Established in August 1, 1980, for the production of precision machining details of aircraft components, structural components and height engineering by the US Air Force Department of Defense, Boeing company Lockheed Martin
3 Communications Holdings Limited
General Electric\'s midstream Aircraft Systems subsidiary, as well as other aircraft manufacturers, aerospace companies and defense contractors.
The company provides aircraft structural components for military aircraft, such as P-
3 Orion, wide-
Large commercial aircraft such as Boeing 747.
The company operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Precision Aviation structure. (PAI)
New Century remanufacture Co. , Ltd. (NCR).
In September 2010, the company divested the machine tool manufacturing business of New Century remanufacture Co. , Ltd.
The company is also a manufacturer and re-manufacturer of professional aircraft processing tools, including vertical drilling Mills and vertical turning centers (VTCs)
Used to manufacture jet engines, aircraft landing gear and other precision components in aerospace and other industries.
Through PAI, the company is a supplier of complex structural fuselage mechanical components and components for commercial and military aircraft manufacturers in the United States and around the world.
PAI specializes in engineering and manufacturing of precision computer numerical control (CNC)
Multi-Axis structural aircraft components processed with tolerances up /-.
Black and non-ferrous 0001ferrous metals.
The aircraft component products of PAI include wing ribs, string bars, masts, long beams, partitions, frames, engine brackets, string bars and accessories.
In addition, PAI designs and manufactures tools and fixtures.
NCR produces large VTC lathes and accessories in the name of the turn of the century.
NCR is also involved in acquisitions and restructuring.
Manufacturing and sales
CNC machine tools for manufacturing customers.
In addition, NCR also provides transformation, transformation and remanufacture services for many brands of machine tools.
Remanufacture of machine tools usually involves replacing all components, realigning the machine, adding updated CNC functions and electrical and mechanical enhancements, which usually takes two to four months to complete.
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