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U.S. think-tank slams India’s alleged covert nuke trade

by:QY Precision      2019-10-26
A detailed report released by a major security agency said India was attacked for its alleged involvement in the illegal nuclear trade network --
The Institute for Science and International Security is a key think tank here. In its 114-
Authors David Olmert, Andrea Strok, and Houston Wood believe in the page report on \"The future world of illegal nuclear trade\" that India, despite being
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
The signatory, \"It is expected that nuclear arsenal will be maintained or improved through illegal trade in violation of the laws and international law of the country of origin.
According to ISIS, India is actually one of the \"worrying illegal nuclear trade suppliers\" including China, Pakistan, Brazil and Turkey, russia and \"rogue countries\" such as Iran, North Korea and Syria may still have Khan --type network.
The July report, published on October 1, states that New Delhi \"On the one hand, the search for parts, equipment, and the technology of civil nuclear power projects has been supported by $2008. S. -
The Indian civil nuclear trade agreement, which is also engaged in illegal activities, obtains key items for its unprotected nuclear facilities and nuclear weapons programmes.
It also relentlessly emphasizes that India has benefited from the Abdul Qadir Khan nuclear smuggling network, which \"exposed and rolled up\" in 2003 and 2004, noting that, nuclear smugglers allegedly supplied parts to Iran, \"orders from Germany and Turkey were issued to an Indian Valve Company.
In this particular case, four batches of 856 valves were shipped from India to Turkey and then to Iran, the report said.
However, ISIS\'s research exempts certain aspects of India\'s nuclear development, noting that India uses commercial, power production reactors to make plutonium for its nuclear weapons, including heavy water reactors.
India \"after 1999 nuclear tests and the official launch of the nuclear arms race with Pakistan, this method is used to increase the production of plutonium, however, this does not mean the use of the reactor under the IAEA\'s safeguards, \"Therefore, the use of the reactor is not in violation of any international agreement.
However, ISIS stressed that India relies on foreign purchases to obtain the main ingredients, for example, it \"is known to have purchased at least one of the necessary chemicals in several times\", Tributin (TBP)
It\'s for its own overseas projects, not for the TBP itself.
It is said that India and other countries such as Iran, North Korea and Pakistan illegally purchased a long list of components, including vacuum measuring equipment, vacuum pumps, fast-
Agent valve, ring magnet, special oil, special epoxy resin, computer control equipment, high
High grade aging steel
High strength aluminum
Strength of carbon fiber, CNC machine tools.
In terms of policy proposals to stop the growth of illegal nuclear trade in the future, ISIS reported that \"proliferation countries such as India and Pakistan that rely on or do rely on overseas, illegal procurement of its nuclear program may resist the reform of the trade control system and strictly enforce trade control laws.
\"India is also considered to be a feature in the list of\" possible turntable countries in the future or countries that transfer concerns \", and a policy response is to initiate international efforts, improve and standardize rules between responsible countries in security and classification.
In addition, India must develop domestic intelligence agencies involved in investigating and analyzing illegal trade, \"but as these countries implement controls more effectively, they can also strengthen government/industry cooperation, the report said.
Ultimately, it is necessary to \"put pressure on partners such as India and Pakistan to stop the damage to the United States. S.
ISIS noted that other countries are legally equipped with nuclear weapons or unsecured nuclear programs, adding that negotiations between India and Pakistan on reducing tensions and restricting the production of fission materials and nuclear weapons will also help
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