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types of computer drafting and design careers

by:QY Precision      2019-09-24
Interested in drafting and designing?
According to US media reportsS.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
From 2008 to 2018, the demand for employees in the computer drawing and design profession is expected to increase by 4%.
Career in computer drawing and designin-hand.
Computer drawing, also known as computer-aided drawing and design (CADD)
Allows professionals to design products used by many consumers, such as buildings and electrical appliances, using computer systems and software.
The advantage of using computer drawing and design software is that the creation is saved so that the drafters can return them later and make the necessary modifications.
While the days of using rules, pencils and paper are not past, it is important for individuals to understand that computer drawing is successful in their chosen design career.
According to educational choices, computer drawing and design choices are very diverse and best for people with at least two years of education in technical drawing projects.
Building computer drawing and design building drawing personnel are trained professionals who are responsible for creating plans for different types of structural buildings such as houses, schools and shopping malls.
They meet with other professionals such as architects, take notes, learn about specific duties, and sketch.
The draftsman then uses computer drawing and design software to develop detailed blueprints including measurements and specifications.
These blueprints are used for the construction of building structures.
Mechanical computer drawing and design professionals focus on creating detailed layouts for mechanical equipment such as screws, auto parts and tools.
Their goal is to provide detailed descriptions and instructions on how to assemble mechanical equipment and machinery.
Mechanical Drafters use computer drawing design software to create and modify layouts.
Electrical drawing and design Electrical drawing personnel are computer drawing and design professionals specializing in the production of blueprints for the installation, construction or repair of electrical equipment.
Usually, electrical design includes electrical wiring in buildings, power plants and communication centers.
In addition, the electrical start draf conducts research on specific lines or products used in the project.
The drafters then sketch by hand first and then create the layout using the CADD software.
In addition, they ensure that other professionals such as electricians have detailed work instructions.
Civil computer drawings and designers working as civil draftsmen are trained in mapping terrain and relief maps that are used by professionals such as construction workers, surveyors and engineers.
Usually, draftsmen draw drawings of roads, pipes, bridges and water sewage systems.
Before carrying out the work of the project, the civil draf determines the strength, cost and quality of the materials used.
They then create drawings using computer drawing and design software.
Image source: Morguefile workstation.
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